EOSP Chapter 93 Release

This is the regular chapter for this Week.     Enjoy.

Hey guys.  My first post here.

  • First thank you for all the support.
  • As you probably will notice, all 3 donations of my novels have been lumped into one.  I am able to adjust one donation bar for all three novel.  So I'll have to figure out a way to inform you on a more detailed donation status.  I'll try it out in the post and see how you guys like it.
  • EosP Queue: 1                            SSN Queue: 0                                  DMW Queue: 0
  • Donation: 12/50                        Donation:  15/45                             Donation: 0/45

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☠EoSP Chapter 191 Release☠

Hey guys.  This chapter wraps up EoSP.  I want to thank all my readers and donors.  This is my first completed project. Woo!  The remaining donation will be moved to my next project.

So let me know what you guys want for next week.


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