Dan's Greetings

Hey guys! I'm DanTheMan, a new korean translator on WW! I'm super excited to see the launch of DPD, and I hope everyone can enjoy it just as much as I do. I know the translation can be quite shoddy, but I'm always trying to improve, so hopefully the translation doesn't prove a distraction from the story itself. 

Let me tell you a bit aboooot me. Yes, I'm from Canada, and we say aboot instead of about (jokes obv). This is my first translations of a novel (though I do have a bit of experience as a translation & interpreter) 

One of my favourite reads on WW rn is Overgeared! (all hail God Grid) and I love the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor as well! There are so many great novels on WW, but it's 4am right now and I'm tired. Annnnnnd yeah that's me :) keeping it nice and short. you're welcome. 

Anyways, DPD is super interesting to me so far, and there's only around 430ish chapters (including the extras) so I hope everyone stays around for the ride! Super glad to be on the team with WW and I'll smell yall later~ :)

Oh and stay safe from corona everyone!

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