One Week Hiatus For Dragon Prince Yuan

Hey DPY readers, Ren here.  Wuxiaworld is announcing a one-week hiatus for Dragon Prince Yuan while we get some stuff in order.  In short, yeow has needed a bit of help for a while now, and we're bringing Aran on (who translated Imperial God Emperor) to give him a hand.  We'll spend a week doing some reorganizing and making sure terms and everything are continuous, then will be fully relaunching on July 7th, 2020, so mark your calendars.

I've seen a few comments and complaints directed at yeow over the course of the past year due to the posting irregularities, and I feel the need and responsibility to clarify a few things.  First and foremost, I take full responsibility for these issues, because I didn't intervene soon enough.  Second, we all owe yeow an enormous debt of gratitude for what he has done.  

To draw the curtain back a bit on internal operations - as yeow is one of our veteran translators, he had the option to choose 'revshare' for compensation.  Revshare means, 'you eat what you kill'; there's no 'flat rate salary', but you get paid the bulk of the earnings a novel generates, and this usually means significantly higher income for translators.  Except, because of a lot of things that suddenly cropped up in his life, he was never able to really build up the stockpile needed for advance chapters, which generates by far the bulk of the revenue because we have been on a primarily free-reading model.  So, yeow just kept soldiering on as best as he could, but each time he made some progress something else would come up and whatever stockpile he made would go poof, sending him back to square one.

To be blunt, the end result was this - except for a pittance of ad revenue, yeow has spent a year of his life translating 500 chapters for Wuxiaworld without being paid anything, all because he wanted to fulfill his responsibilities.  It's my fault for letting this go on for so long, and we're putting a stop to it now.  Both yeow and aran will be on flat rate going forward, which Wuxiaworld will hopefully be able to make back with advance chapters in the future thanks to the additional support from aran, and we're going to proceed in a way which is better for everyone involved.  In the mean time, thank you all for your patience.

We'll hopefully see you a week from now!