DH Book 1 Chapter 32.4

According to novelupdates, this is our 137th release. We have now reached the end of book 1!

In the chinese raws, there has been two different classifications for chapters, most likely due an online and print division. They number the chapters without books/volumes which consists of 688 + prologue + ending chapters. There is another classifier which puts it into books/volumes, which is the classification I am going by, and the total number of chapters here is 170.

This means that we only have 138 chapters + a conclusion chapter left of this novel before it is finished. It has only been a few months since we started, and we are blasting through this novel!

On another note, I forgot to start the queue for the novel at the beginning of the week since we started the patreon, so I'll say it's my fault and give you guys another eight chapters.

Happy reading!

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