Unsteady Release Schedule for a week


I hoped to bring you more positive news due to all the stuff I have been working with, unfortunately, things did not go as I hoped. 

My daughter had a surgery a week ago and it took her quite a long time to recover - which was the reason for my chaotic release schedule up until now, but just as I thought things would become normal, another family member has become very very ill. I cannot go into the details with it for her sake, but she is not doing good. She is someone who means the world to me, and to see her sick has made me very depressed. I am also spending most of my time together with her. 

This does not mean that I will not release chapters the next week. I will release chapters as often as I can, but there will be no specific time of the day when they will be released, and there will be days with no releases at all as you might have noticed already.

I am sorry that all of this has mixed on top of one another, but I need to look after my family when they are in need. I will return strong later and make up for all the missed chapters!

Kind regards