Leaving Wuxiaworld, thank you for looking after me


First I would like to thank Wuxiaworld for taking me in back when I first joined, and thank you every reader who has tried out my stories while being here on Wuxiaworld.

I have had a great time while being on Wuxiaworld and everyone has been very kind to me, however because of certain reason I have decided to leave. 

I am currently looking for a new home for my novels, I have not decided where to go yet but rest assured that I will not quit writing.

I will update my website, tinalynge.com, with where I am going in the future when I know where that will be.

Book 6 of Condemning the Heaven is finished and will be released on Amazon by the end of this month when it is finished editing. 

Once again, thank you all so much for your support for these years, I am forever grateful to all of you :) 

Kind regards