PSA - Coiling Dragon Donations Change

Hey guys, here's a quick but meaningful PSA for Coiling Dragon readers and donors especially. Since the queue for Coiling Dragon is cleared, and since the six month anniversary for Wuxiaworld is coming up soon, this is as good time as any to announce two new changes to CD!  Please read on below!

First of all, going forward, every week, the number of regular chapters each week for Coiling Dragon is being increased to three!  Yes, you guys have kept the CD queue 100% filled all the time, so there's no need for this, but as I've been too successful in recruiting kickass people for Wuxiaworld, I was embarrassed to realize that despite starting the site we are on, of us six, I was doing the least number of regular chapters.  Shame is a powerful motivator, so the number of regular CD chapter is up to three a week now xD

Secondly and more importantly, going forward, I am changing how the queue for Coiling Dragon will work.  For some time now, I've been considering on shutting off donations for good and just doing the final ~300 chapters without accepting donations.  There's a number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is, simply put - I've already received far more in donations and appreciation than I ever thought I would, and for me personally, I honestly think it's more than enough, especially as ads are slowly doing better (more info on this sensitive subject in a upcoming post!).

At the same time, I felt like I was in a quandary; if I lowered the number of chapters I do a week, you guys would almost certainly lose your [stuff] xD, but if I keep doing sixteen chapters a week, this places an unfair amount of pressure on others, both at Wuxiaworld and elsewhere, a la, 'Well Ren is doing sixteen long chapters a week for free now!'  As a strong believer in people being compensated for their time and a firm believer that donations have been, overall, a tremendously positive motivational force which has contributed to the explosion of projects in the past few months, I do NOT want that to happen.  I can tell you for a fact that there is no way I could've spent six months doing 70-100 CD chapters/month without this motivating force!

So there I was, kinda stuck.  And then, I thought to myself - CD is like the 'big brother' of many of the projects here.  So...what would Boss Yale do?  And then it hit me - he would share with his bros (and sis) xD.  So, here's the new system - direction donations for Coiling Dragon are gone.  Kaput.  Finished.  Closed.  But, the queue remains...and the way the queue will be filled is by donations to the OTHER awesome people here at Wuxiaworld.

We have a seriously awesome group of people here at Wuxiaworld, some of the best I've ever worked with.  They deserve your love and support and donations as much as I ever have, and possibly more; up till today, every single one of them has been doing more 'regular' chapters than I have.  So my executive decision as the CD translator is that in the future, each time someone donates to ANY of the other five projects here at Wuxiaworld through our links, all you have to do is forward your donation confirmation email to me, and I will count your donation for the Coiling Dragon queue!  Two for the price of one - not only will you be able to further support the other awesome and deserving people here, you'll also be contributing to your CD queue!  Yay!  :)  If you click on the CD 'donation' button, it will take you to a new page which explains this, and which also has links to all five other people!

tldr - Donations will no longer be accepted for Coiling Dragon.  Donations to any of the other five people/projects on Wuxiaworld, however, will count towards the Coiling Dragon queue if you forward the donation confirmation email to rwxwuxiaworld(a)!  The maximum number of chapters done will not change.  Please take a look at this link!

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your past, present, and future love and support for CD, Wuxiaworld, and each and every one of us here!

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