City of Sin Books 1-6 now live on Amazon!

Today we're proud to announce that our first six volumes of City of Sin have been published on Amazon! A lot of work has gone into preparing these ebooks for formal release, with beautiful artwork done by Quihnn, and Theo heavily re-editing the entire thing to an even higher standard. 

Now is the perfect time to revisit the series if you'd like to reread, or if you haven't read COS before and want the fully polished, definitive experience. We expect it to be around 16 volumes in total by the end, and the remaining ones are currently in production. Please also consider leaving a review on Amazon to help us out - reviews are critically important on Amazon. Here they are!

Book 1: Rising Star

Book 2: City of Miracles

Book 3: Seeds of War

Book 4: The Bloodstained Lands

Book 5: Bears and Wolves

Book 6: Conquest in the Sea of Stars