Hey guys, we're back! 

For months now we've been working to balance posting more chapters for the readers and not burning ourselves out like we did with WMW (*Theo heard screaming in the background*). We finally have enough confidence to start increasing our output again, dishing out 2 chapters a day instead of the old 9/week.

In commemoration of that and our full move to the sponsor program, we're taking things up a few notches and are increasing the number of early access chapters to a whopping 50! This isn't solely an extension though, every existing tier now has more chapters than ever before. We're also adding more tiers, giving subscribers additional flexibility. So if you have the resources to spare, why not head to the Sponsor section to check it out?

We're also working on festive events like bonus chapters and competitions later in the year, so keep an eye out for that as well!

In other news, Patreon access is now effectively down. We won't be updating that site anymore, turning Patreon to a donation-only platform.  This means that any pledges henceforth are solely out of goodwill and to support the team. We're looking into and are open to the ideas of other kinds of rewards, although that isn't our first priority right now.

Thanks for reading as always, and we hope you stick with us as we watch Richard and gang grow.

1. Schedule - 9/week -> 2/day
2. Subscriber access increased to 50 chapters.
3. Patreon doesn't have early access anymore. Head over to the Sponsor section instead.