Breakers & GOC Complete + ATD Dropped + New Novels

Greetings everybody!

This is just a post to give an update about everything that is going on lately, which is a lot.

Firstly, most of you might know this already but Breakers and God of Crime is now complete! Exciting news! Thank you to everybody who followed along and supported me. For those who haven't read it yet, I suggest giving it a try since the number of chapters is quite short.

Secondly, I know that some people have been asking me about what will happen with Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon. As I mentioned before, the author has been updated really sporadically i.e. 3 chapters in the last two months. I was worried and read the latest chapters, and the story basically goes quite downhill. For example, I left off at chapter 60 something and 99 chapters are currently released. In the chapters that have been untranslated, the author only finishes one more dungeon floor, spending most of the story outside in reality.

After considering the amount of plot left to go and the author's sporadic updates, I feel like it will either be dropped by the author or finished in a completely rushed manner. Therefore, after some discussion with Ren, I have decided to drop ATD. Sorry for all the readers but I don't feel right dragging this out for an unsatisfying ending.

Finally, some good news. People have been curious about my new projects and I have given a sneak peek of one at the end of Breakers. Now, I am going to talk about both of them.

The Book Eating Magician: 

Synopsis: ['Lightning Magic Primer' has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.]

[The 2nd Circle magic 'Lightning Bolt' has been acquired.]

The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared.

Some of you might have already seen the first chapter on Novelupdates. I've talked to the previous translator and they've agreed to let me translate this, so put away your popcorn =).  In fact, this story is so popular that I've had two other translators say they were considering doing it before finding out that I was. Fortunately, the Korean translating community is so small that most of us talk to each other.

You're an Orc, yet still Praiseworthy!

Synopsis: The virtual reality game that enthralled the world, Elder Lord! In the turmoil of greed, the justice of one orc begins!

Some of you might know this as Praise the Orc! That was actually a temporary title as I figured out how to word this correctly. Anyway, the story of how I picked this up is interesting. I was initially only planning to do BEM, but then Ensj gave me his Korean novel suggestions. I read this and instantly became addicted, finishing all the chapters in a day. It is a virtual reality game but I think it is quite different from all the vr game novels out at the moment.

I hope all of you are as excited as I am about bringing this to you! Both novels are still incomplete so the final number of chapters haven't been determined yet. In addition, they will be released this Saturday (Australian time) so probably Friday for most readers.

Oh, one last thing. I know that people enjoyed the Q&A that I held on Saturday and that some people were disappointed at missing it. So I have decided to hold a monthly voice chat discussion on the Wuxiaworld discord where you can ask me questions and can discuss the latest chapters. It will probably be the first Saturday (Australian time) of every month, around the same time as the last Q&A. I will remind all of you again as the time approaches.

And that is all for my long news! Thanks for reading.

Rainbow Turtle

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