BTTH & Goodguyperson Come to Wuxiaworld!

Hey guys!  I have some super awesome news for you!  My good friend 'goodguyperson', of fame, who had been working on Zhan Long over there, had also taken on Battle Through the Heavens (BTTH) as a side project, which he is starting to like more and more.  Since BTTH is more of a Xianxia project, compared to Zhan Long which is an VMMORPG project, we chatted for a while about possibly having him move over here with BTTH (Zhan Long would stay at gravitytranslations), especially because it's a great fit for our readers, AND that way he can use my 'next chapter' 'last chapter' setup, as well have some additional access to special functionality here!

Soooooo....please join me in a big round of applause for goodguyperson, our newest Wuxiaworld translator!  Yaaaaaay!  And here is his innaugural chapter, BTTH Chapter 28 - Stregthening Vacuum Hand!  Woohoo!!!