Wuxiaworld Welcomes XTB and Archfiend!

Hi guys, it's been a while since we've had a promotion from the forums.  I'm delighted to welcome XTB and Zongheng novel Archfiend (最强妖孽) from the Wuxiaworld Forums to the main site!  XTB is a highly dedicated translator, and I mean dedicated in terms of both quality and speed.  He's very good, and he'll be aiming for a full two chapters/day schedule for you all!  Archfiend is a very exciting 'modern cultivation' title which we haven't really seen before, and it is just that - set in the modern/real world, but with cultivation being present the world.  Have you ever imagined what real life in the 21st century would be like if people actually started cultivating?  Now you won't have to - come read about it in Archfiend - over 100 chapters are ready and waiting!

I'll let XTB introduce himself as well, but please join me in a big round of applause and welcome for XTB and Archfiend!!

Read Archfiend now: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/archfiend