Ancient Strengthening Technique - Gradual Shifting to In-House Patreon

Dear patreons, AST will be shifting to in-house patreon starting from June. During the month of May, we will be gradually transiting over.

AST started on 29 January 2016, and if we count till today...our team has been translating AST for about twenty-eight months.  We started with a release of 3 chapters per week... As more people join the team, we increase the chapter count to 5... to 7... to 10... (this was considered crazily fast back then but a relatively normal pace given the standards today) and gradually to 15. 

But then again, many in my team are busy with reel life,  we have no choice but to drop the chapter release rate back to 12 per week. Rest assured, we are now trying to build up our stockpile and will definitely increase the release rate to 15 or even more once again once we have a healthier amount of chapters in the stockpile.

All in all, we just want to thank you all for the support in terms of either supportive emails, viewership, donations or pledges these past years. We are now about 900 chapters away from the finale, our team wouldn't have been able to make it this far if it wasn't for the continuous support!

That being said, please continue to support us if you can. HAHAHHA

Thank you sincerely! Much loves


Link to support us on the in-house patreon: click here

The original dream team combo wombo: three out of the five have left me. nooooo