Ancient Strengthening Technique Enters the Final Volume! + Give Away Event $$$$$$$$$$$


Hi guys, it's been almost three years since we started this project on 28th January 2016 and our releases finally reached the final volume mark in about 3 more chapters, at Chapter 1795!

Throughout these three years, my team and I really want to thank all the readers who stuck through with us, supporting us via their comments, and especially the donors who supported us with their hard-earned money. 

AST is more of a novel that focused more on slice of life rather than being focused on action. From my personal opinion, the author tries too hard to include EVERYTHING in the fantasy genre into this novel, and this inevitably caused readers to feel that the novel isn't as 'smooth' as others, being way too chunky. Also, the many ladies in the harem might be a turn off for some. We probably already lost half the reader base because the story is just like what the summary said, 'This novel is about a guy who climbs to the peak while chasing skirts.' It's more of a light-hearted novel rather than one which can make your blood boil with excitement.

Nonetheless, we are truly grateful for readers who supported us right from the start, as well as those joining in along the way. We would also like to specially say a thank you to readers who took the trouble to email me either through my gmail or discord to point out mistakes so that we can continuously improve the quality of our translations!   

Now, it's finally time for us to give back to the readers.

1) Increase in chapter release rate:

Current release rate is 12 chapters a week. Starting from next month (November), we will be increasing the chapter release rate to 14 per week.

Reason for this delay in increasing the chapter rate is because I'm scheduled to return to the army for training for two weeks during October. I want to take the time to ensure the quality before we pump the release rate back up to 14 per week.

2) Amazon E-Gift Cards giveaway!

There will be:

One $100 dollar amazon e-gift card to give away.

Two $50 dollar amazon e-gift cards to give away.

I will also choose ten additional minor lucky winners and there will be cash prize of $10 each, payable to you through paypal.

Next, how do the winners qualify for this event? Very simple, I just want you guys to leave comments after each chapter, starting from Chapter 1795. Generic comments like thanks for the chapters wouldn't count. They have to be about the chapter, as well as your thoughts and predictions for the next few chapters. 

The event will end on 31 Dec 2018, and I will make an announcement about the winners. Have fun and good luck~