Ancient Strengthening Technique 799 and 800!!!!!!!!❣️

Translator Note:

It has been 1.5 years since our team took on the project [Ancient Strengthening Technique], we are finally at chapter 800!! 

Stay with us guys, we are only about one-third done, (total around 2.4k chapters), we hope to finish this novel in around 1 year to 1.5 years time~

To commemorate reaching Ch 800, our patreon is offering a new tier that grants access to 50 advanced chapters! 

TL;DR - new tier patreon pls support ill carry the game xD --> Patreon! 

AST 799, AST 800!!!!!!!! are regular chapters (3/18)

Bonus chapters remaining : 16

TL: Frozenfirez, Rila

ED:  Rubble

TLC: lordbluefire

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AST started on 29 January 2016, and if we count till today...our team has been translating AST for about twenty-eight...