❣️Ancient Strengthening Technique 786, 787!❣️ + End of Lucky Draw, Congratulations to the 2 Winners.

Announcement: Congratulations to the two lucky winners: Manuel Lopez (number 4) and Lasse Schumacher! (number 56)

I have already added your emails to the AST access drive on google drive.

From today onwards till 1 June 2017, 00.00 (GMT +8), two lucky patreons will have a chance to gain access a one-month access to over 100 chapters of [Ancient Strengthening Technique] from 1 June to 30 June.

AST 786, AST 787! are regular chapters. (11/18)

Bonus chapters remaining : 19

TL: Rila, Myuu

ED:  Rubble, Prady

TLC: lordbluefire