Quarantine is being lifted and so comes the end of the Quarantine Relief Tier :(

Hi everyone,

I hope ASD and the quarantine relief tier were able to help make your life more interesting for a bit while being under lockdown or quarantine, and I do hope all of you are safe and healthy!

The situation has been getting better and many countries have removed their restrictions, so it's time my relief tier goes away because I would like some food on my table too. XD

Anyway, the Quarantine Relief Tier will be edited to mirror the Mortal Realm Tier and hidden at midnight on the 1st of June GMT+8. This means that it'll be exactly the same as the Mortal Realm Tier but hidden to prevent future subscriptions to it.

So please do the necessary changes to your subscriptions when the time comes.

It was a good 2.5 months but all good things must come to an end.