Mars is baaack!

Some of you had suspicions and here is your answer! I am very happy to inform all of you that Mars is back! Below is a translation of a post he made on weixin last night, his first public communication in almost a year.

The Night Of Calamity Has Yet To End, The Beginning Of The Final Chapter Of Heretic God

Long time no see, everyone.

I checked my last post, and it was posted on... June 7th 2020? Damn, that's terrible!

There were many, many, many, MANY people who asked me where I've gone to die, so I supposed I should briefly explain things before getting to the main point.

As a whole, Heretic God was doing really well last year. The novel became the top searched keyword on Baidu and even other major search engines. My subscription count climbed for twenty-four hours non-stop, and I could safely say that I had reached the peak of my career. It was like a dream come true... 

And then I came. 

No, not like that. It's like someone pushed a button inside me, and I just lost all my form completely. I'm not even sure quite how to describe it. I was irritated, refusing interaction, terrified of communication, unable to concentrate and experiencing insomnia. I had had episodes like this across the years, but they were never so long that it stretched to an entire year. Every time I thought I had recovered, it would slap me in the face and tell me to sit down again.

Before I knew it, a year was gone just like that.

So, yeah, that's all I have to say about this. It was embarrassing, I want to forget about it, and I'm going to do my best to never think or mention it ever again... seriously, please don't come back, whatever you are!

I would apologize, but there isn't enough character space, so. T_T

Last month CEO Yu of Zongheng visited me, and after I vented all my thoughts in front of him I felt like a hidden knot in my heart was untied. After that, I went to the beach for a couple of days, did nothing in particular during that time, and... came back to life just like that. I think.

Humans are such strange creatures...

Anyway, let's get to the main topic, shall we?

I opened a new volume last night titled "The Night of Calamity Has Yet To End". It will be the end of the God Realm Arc and the start of the third and final arc of Heretic God. However, it will be far shorter than both the Blue Pole Arc and the God Realm Arc.

The new arc is titled Ancient Abyss, and there is a ton of foreshadowing in the novel already. The most obvious ones are the scenes where the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was involved.

If the God Realm Arc is the story of Yun Che transforming into the devil god of vengeance and staining his entire body in sin, then the next chapter will be a story of him and the world finding redemption for themselves.

I said this before and I'll say it again: I sure hope I don't fuck it all up! 

Finally, I'm just saying, but I feel like the recent chapters feel a bit... weak. Maybe it's because I just recovered my form? Oh well, it'll get better. Definitely.

Doubly finally, happy International Worker's Day to all of you, and may you all always be free of troubles!

And last but not least, the top comment of that post:
Grandpa, the author you followed, Mars, finally released a new chapter

Fingers crossed for us being back on track again!