ATG - Under Heaven Clan, cast your votes!

There is a slight spoiler in this post, but it should be fine since it's just their names. There is a reason why I chose the english form of their names when we do not normally translate names unless necessary. 1. The joke wouldn't be understood automatically if I use footnotes, and lose most of its flavor by then. 2. I would probably have to explain and help you guys keep track of their names for those of you who aren't good with names. 3. I felt it was fine since we did that for the black mercenary group and no one complained or got lost.

Answer to a reader asking why not just translate Yun Che/Yun Xiao if we do this: Their names weren't made that way, they're not obvious jokes Mars made.

There's another option we had, so I'll also include that as well.

Chinese Clan Name: 天下 Kids: 天下第一,天下第二。。。 天下第七 Others: 天下雄图, 天下无敌

Pinyin: Clan Name: Tianxia Kids: Tianxia Diyi,Tianxia Dier... Tianxia Diqi (the part after Di will change for every kid) Few others in the nearby future: Tianxia Xiongtu, Tianxia Wudi

English 1: Clan Name: Under Heaven Kids: Number One Under Heaven, Number Two Under Heaven... Number Seven Under Heaven Few others in the nearby future: Greatest/Grand Ambition Under Heaven, Unparalleled Under Heaven

English 2: Clan Name: Worlds Kids: Worlds Number One, Worlds Number Two... Worlds Number Seven Few others in the nearby future: Worlds Greatest/Grand Ambition, Worlds Unparallel (this name was the reason why we chose under heaven over worlds as a surname)


I myself prefer English 1, since I don't have to put in the explanations at the end.. xD If you pick choice #4, I better see some suggestions under this post!