ATG Official Art, Broadcast Clarifications, & More!

Hi everyone! chu here!

I have a couple of things to say so I'll number them for your convenience. Totally not because I know I'll go off on a tangent.

1) Official Art: I've known for a long time that our beloved author, Mars, commissioned artists for our cute girls but I never really got around showing you guys them (discord doesn't count). When we asked him if we could post them here on the website, he said go ahead, and that we're too polite! You may call me politechu now. The direct link is here, but if anyone wants to stare at it again, I've added the link under Details on the Against the Gods novel page. Do check them out, especially the one for Chi Wuyao and our Brahma Monarch Goddess, yowch!!

2) Broadcast Clarifications: I'd like to clarify what Mars wrote on weixin so people don't go crazy in the comments or misunderstand what he's saying. There will be a popularity contest between the three "great god" zongheng authors on a specific broadcast show late April. The one who is ranked at the top of the weekly popularity rankings will have to bust out a 5 chapter day update on the weekend, and the contest will last 8 weeks. Worse case scenario means he'll have to do that for 8 consecutive weeks which is why Mars mentioned that he's going in secluded cultivation, that you won't see him aside from wechat updates and chapter updates.
The source is here: and you can see Mars sighing when they mentioned the contest at 2:03:08.

3) Advanced Chapters: The +5 Creation God tier will most likely reopen soon if Mars keeps up his current release rate!

4) Shameless Advertising: My new novel, VRMMO: The Unrivaled, is also live today so anyone interested in reading a VRMMO novel should go check it out!!