ATG Chapters 826–829 ✿

Hi all, this is chinachu giving you an update about what's happening with releases!

Guys, I'm in China right now and it's been day after day of constant rain where I'm at. I don't even think a full day went by without rain. The closest was probably 5 hours of sunshine before a crazy downpour. I bought pocket wifi for China but the last couple of days of rain seem to have affected its signal to my laptop(?). Phone sometimes worked for some strange reason, and thank god, else my team would've thought I flushed myself down a toilet by accident!

Anyways, back to the point. Releases are usually out during the night for me, but with how things are right now, I'm not sure if my laptop's signal will continue to fail me like it did for these past few nights. I have a free day today and I'm at my uncle's place right now, shaking his internet awake for as long as I can before I leave.

Yes, do not be afraid, I will make sure to count what our chapter deficit is when I get back. (June: MEN 7, ATG 7, SR 8)

Pray for my laptop ;-;// chinachu out.

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