ATG Chapter 990 ✿ stay safe everyone

There is a considerably long message after the jump regarding recent concerns of readers if anyone wants to read that first.

Chapter 990 is brought to you by alyschu and Rubble.

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Hi ladies and gents, alyschu here. It is 4am right now as I am writing this message so please forgive me if there is a lack of brain and more rambling in my response here. I will try to make it short and concise.

I have to confess that I have probably been on the website at most 1-3 times a month since things have been getting hectic over at my side. The ones posting the updates have mostly been NOT me but I got summoned last night about a certain matter regarding mass releases and transparency. I have never told anyone that there will be a mass release soon. Soon to me means soon. Like, I will have my tea soon, when my tea cools down in a bit. I apologize for the miscommunication between me and the poster at that time when I told him to announce what I said on patreon to readers here. If anyone wants proof, you can ask any patreon if they've received that message during that period of time.

[spoiler title='This is what I sent to both the poster (to inform you all of the delays) and ATG patreons back then']

Regarding the month of November Patrons only Nov 30 at 11:00am Hi guys, I've been feeling absolutely terrible about the inconsistent release rates even though I pretty much promised I'll try my best to catch up by myself this month since everyone else on the team is also busy. I've been so busy I haven't had time to read any comments on both patreon and wuxiaworld, so here's what I'm going to do.

1) You guys will have until the end of the weekend to request a refund for the month of November. I will be checking my patreon message box Sunday night. 2) Please MESSAGE me the request instead of leaving a comment below this post because I probably won't keep up to date with them. After issuing the refund, I will message back saying that it's sent. 3) Sorry ;-; 4) Sorry ;-; 5) Sorry ;-; 6) Sorry ;-; 7) Sorry ;-;

Again, I apologize for getting your hopes up. I will still continue trying to make up the missed chapters though since we keep track of what we've missed. Maybe one day I'll do a huge release when I hopefully catch up.[/spoiler]

Anyways, I should wrap this up with current events and clarifications before I fall asleep without pressing the publish post button.

1) "Maybe one day I'll do a huge release when I hopefully catch up" is NOT... "there will be a mass release soon". Sorry for the miscommunication, very very sorry for getting all your hopes up about that. I am pretty much alone in translating this and I've had to tickle a few members for the ones barely done over the holidays when I could not do them. (Christmas & New Years, oof)

2) Regarding the money milking conspiracies we all love to tack on our translators when they're slow: Mars got a place a while back for the sole purpose of writing ATG there, causing his release rate to be pretty much daily so that pretty much nulls it. If I were to really want to profit more from this, I would be releasing consistently and getting more patreons by doing so instead of being the slowchu I am now. So yes, blame me for being slow but do not claim it is because I suddenly feel the need to have some experience quite similar to milking cows! I'd probably be too scared to touch an udder anyways.

3) I have to warn you all that a bomb cyclone is heading for me and my fellow Northeast dearies, causing all schools to be cancelled tomorrow. Or should I say today since it's 4am. I don't know what this means for me yet, but stay safe everyone around the target area.

chu out!

ps. Scratch the miscommunication part, the poster thought he said probably but actually said "we’re hoping to do a huge release soon". Let's just say that hopes were dashed since our translators were busy with the holidays and other stuff after their exams were over. >.< oof pps. Yes it took me an hour to write this, how?! Why?! The night is dark and full of t-, steals time away from me like a chipmunk sniping nuts.