ATG Chapter 768 ✿ April things

Hey guys, it's April, the start of a new month! Patreon pledges are currently still processing at the moment and we are at $940.16 of charged pledges. I know it says $1,042 on the Patreon and it was above $1,000 before April, but there have been people editing their pledges down, declining, or outright deleting them during the charging process. Some declines are automatic if a problem happened during the charging process so patrons, please check to see if your pledge went through! This resulted in the total being less than what was displayed originally but it might just barely inch into the next milestone (5 chapters per week!) if the declines that were errors are fixed.

Anyways, since we have hit our first milestone, ATG will be releasing four regular chapters a week for the month of April!

Chapter 768 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by Dabuyu, Rubble, and alyschu. Enjoy~

ps. Against the Gods has a Patreon! Go check it out, early access is included! o/ pps. By the way, the reason why it's at $1,042 is because a bunch of new people pledged during the charging process. I don't believe you guys will be charged until the beginning of next month!