ATG Chapter 752 ✿ and a ton of other things

As usual, it's that time of the year for the alyschu wall of text special again. Will try to format it so it won't be a haphazard wall of text, bear with me here.

1) First things first, status of the team: Most of us working on ATG are still drowning in exams, can't do anything about that aside from wishing it's over fast. 2) Next up is the Patreon talk we had last month. I have finally made a Patreon for ATG that also includes the new series the ATG team will move to. However, the MEN team will not only consist of the busy exam takers on ATG, there will be some new faces coming in specifically for MEN. I will gather everyone into my cauldron, add a few sparkly things, and make some magic. MEN was decided upon by the ATG team as the next project late last year, so no, we don't need any suggestions for a title to pick up. And yes, we're calling it MEN! Now, here are the specific things I have planned for the near future: - ATG/MEN's Patreon is here! - We will have a regular release schedule of 3 chapters of ATG per week from now on, starting this week. - Since we have almost finished translating all published chapters of ATG, when there are not enough raw chapters available to release ATG on schedule, MEN chapters will replace ATG's weekly bonus chapters and will be released instead. - There is early access for ATG on Patreon and I will be trying my best to slowly roll it out. Our ATG translators are most, if not all, on the verge of death and look at me like I'm crazy for not waiting until May or whenever their exams to do this, but I am confident I can pull most of the weight until they're back. I despise slow info dumps as well!

As always, leave any thoughts, concerns, and suggestions down below. o7 chu out.

Chapter 752 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by gorold, Rubble, Everin, and alyschu. Enjoy the chapter.

ps. I have changed Divine Era -> Era of Gods in all past chapters.