ATG Chapter 748 ✿

Chapter 748 is the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by crushanapple, Dabuyu, and alyschu. Enjoy!

Also, I was told that something huge has happened with websites using Cloudflare. For more information, click the spoiler. This may or may not affect you, but make sure to change your passwords for sensitive accounts anyway! Better be safe than sorry!

[spoiler title='Cloudflare PSA from Andrew1115']There has been a major security flaw within Cloudflare and thus meaning within Discord.

Change your passwords, especially those on these affected sites. Rotate API keys & secrets, and confirm you have 2FA set up for important accounts. Of the sites compromised, most notably there is Reddit, Uber, StackOverflow, Patreon, DigitalOcean, 4chan, and many many more.

You can check which sites were affected by this on the readme of this github page[/spoiler]