ATG Chapter 744 ✿

Hey all, I have read all your replies but I realized that I wasn't quite specific enough last night in my ramblings. Blame it on the fact I wrote it up at four in the morning! I'm going to bullet point my response this time around for clarity and also because it's almost 4am again over here in sleepychu land.

1) We haven't figured out the details yet, but there will definitely be two Patreons if we decide to make one. Currently leaning on "very likely" at the moment. One for ATG/new, one for SR. They are teams with different members so it would be too much of a mess to combine both. Some readers might like SR but not the other which will cause problems, so I'm trying to nip those issues in the bud as well. 2) Team ATG has already decided on their next novel after ATG. This is also a reason why ATG/new are combined, because most of them are hopping onto the new novel. I also have new translators coming in to join us for the new series, so yes, I am hoping to do a double release first month to kick it off. o7

I realized my bullet points ended up being paragraphs anyway, oh well. More details will come once a general outline is formed! Well, enough talk from me now, here's the chapter!

Chapter 744 is brought to you by Dnton, Moxie, Everin, and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Brandon P, Patricio C, Stefano R, Jose H, Alain F, and Peter K. Thanks guys! Good night, folks!

ps. Everin said that his pen name is very strong and manly and buff. He said them separately but I combined them because it feels much more impactful. Don't tell him I did that, alright? Everin is a manly buff man. Please do not say that he is girly. He's an editor! They are things people with leaky English can't escape from!