ATG Chapter 743 ✿ and latechu thoughts

I've been seeing much more suggestions telling me to make a Patreon for ATG ever since I've made one for SR and I want to voice my thoughts. The reason why I hesitate and didn't plan on making a Patreon for ATG at first is because we are ~30 chapters behind the author's latest chapter. However, one of my editors has suggested a neat idea. He said, "What if we set up Patreon for ATG with the assumption that it will roll into the new series we're doing once ATG catches up?"

What do you guys think? The ATG team will be working on this new series and will still release any ATG chapters the author releases later on once we've caught up with him, so it will still be technically supporting ATG (and the same people working on it!) even after we've caught up. By the way, I've already decided on our new series after ATG is caught up and the plot (as well as the main character) is different from ATG... If any of you guys have thoughts, comments, confessions, or strange fetishes they want to tell the world, please leave them in a reply below this post.

ps. Chapter 743 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by crushanapple, Moxie, and some of alyschu. Enjoy! pps. If I do this, I'll be removing PayPal for ATG/new series and only work on Patreon for them because I can't handle 2 PayPals and 2 Patreons...