ATG Chapter 601 ✿

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Short miniskit of what happened (50% true) between translators between Chapter 600 and 601 release.

(Orange-red sunset beach background with the sound of clashing waves.)

alyschu: C-can't hold on... FlowerBridgeToo: [Head pokes out from the ocean waves.]   I'll help! [Magically reappears on the left side of the beach.]   alyschu: Ouu! [Runs to left with open arms with clashing waves and orange sun in background.]   FlowerBridgeToo: Ouu! [Runs to right with open arms with clashing waves and orange sun in background.]

(alyschu trips on random water bottle some really rude person littered on the beach and lands face down in the sand. Looks up while clutching random water bottle.)

alyschu: L-littering is b... bad... [Falls asleep.]   FlowerBridgeToo: Nuuu!

(OverTheRanbow floats out of water bottle that just so happened to open during the crash.)

OverTheRanbow: Hello, I am the spirit of the forgotten water bottle. Because you have freed me, I shall be your eternal serv-, oh it looks like she's asleep. [Looks at FlowerBridgeToo.] Let's make a run for it before she wakes up. FlowerBridgeToo: Ok.

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