ATG Chapter 1015-1017 ✿

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SummerRain here. Sorry about missing chapters the past 2 days. I was suppose to make a post about it yesterday but I collapsed after coming back home from school. Although the team did become busy with projects and stuff, I know that's not an excuse. One of the chapters was cursed and whoever signed up magically had last minute work to do. As a result, it took 3 translators and the chapter only finished today.

P.S. After we make the announcement post of the release rate returning to normal, we have been averaging a 1/day or 7/week release rate. If my counting isn't wrong, after the release of these 3 chapters, we should be only 1 chapter behind the 1/day or 7/week rate. Do let me know if my counting is incorrect. I've counted using the time stamp on wuxiaworld.