Against the Gods - kicking off a new sponsored tier today!

Hi all, chu here. 

Due to popular demand since five million years ago, we're opening a +5 chapter tier! But if we catch Mars we'll only hold back 4. This will give people who want it access, without hurting our cute readers!

Give yourself a pat on the back if you were one of those who asked for it because here it is! Constantly saying no everytime I was asked if there will be a new tier made me feel bad but there was no way around it back then because brainchu never activated. 

Link to ze sponsored page

Disclaimer: Creation God is a temporary tier that will be hidden from new sponsors when we are 9 chapters away from the author, counting from the Azure Dragon tier. Sponsors will get warned when we are 15 and 10 chapters away from the author. Once we are caught up to the author, the Azure Dragon tier with 4 advanced chapters will be the highest visible tier. Current Creation God sponsors may stay in this tier but they will only get 4 advanced chapters if we are fully caught up to the author. However, if he picks up the pace, sponsors currently in this tier when it is hidden may see 5 chapters. Stay at your own risk! This tier will open again to new sponsors once we are a good distance from the author.