Absolute Resonance -- Catching Up to Raws

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone has been enjoying Absolute Resonance thus far! 

Unfortunately, the team has to be the harbinger of some very sad news. Starting from January, we will unfortunately be moving to 7 chapters/week.

This will be a reduction of half the usual amount of chapters. The reason behind this is that the author has only been releasing 7 chapters a week for the past few months. As a result, we will catch up to the author around the end of December. Hopefully, Heavenly Silkworm Potato will start to write more chapters moving forward. If he does start to speed up, we will definitely look to match his release! In the interim, we will maintain subscription tiers and will look to increase chapters/tier if extra chapters are released!

Apologies to everyone but we do hope that you will continue to support the novel and the team! Don't let this news dampen your day!