Absolute Resonance Begins!

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to announce the official launch of my translation for Absolute Resonance! This is the latest novel written by Heavenly Silkworm (天蚕土豆), better known for his works like Battle Through the Heavens (BTTH), Wu Dong Qian Kun (WDQK), Dragon Prince Yuan (DPY) and The Great Ruler (TGR). With such an experienced writer, you know you're bound to have an enjoyable ride! Personally, I'm also extremely thrilled to be given this opportunity as BTTH was one of the very first novels I had read on Wuxiaworld and this author is my guilty pleasure... Things are really coming full circle! With this being the 3rd novel under my belt (Heaven's Devourer is about to end! Check if out if you're free!), rest assured that the quality of the translation will remain high! 

Story Synopsis
The story itself follows the adventures of a certain Li Luo, an unfortunate rich young master with a smidge of arrogance who has fallen upon desperate times... Usually the MC is the one getting offended by these arrogant young masters but now we see things from the perspective of one! Sorta! Although there are the usual tropes of an arranged marriage (Say what?), overpowered fiance (Haven't I read this somewhere...), revered family in dire straits (Ok this is getting pretty stereotypical right here), I can assure you that Heavenly Silkworm has taken these well worn tropes and flipped them around for an entertaining, refreshing take! I've had great fun translating this and I hope you guys will enjoy it too! 

Find me on discord to chat! Or leave comments (on the latest chapters) whenever! I do try to read as many as I can!