Enter AWE Chapter 500 Contest HERE, win Nintendo Switch

You have become the next master apothecary in the lands of Heavenspan! To enter the contest, invent a new medicinal pill for Bai Xiaochun to add to his arsenal!

All kinds of pills are okay, including weaponized pills, poison pills, etc. The only limits will be your imagination, although please keep them to the cultivation levels Bai Xiaochun has reached so far in the novel (no pills for Nascent Soul, Deva, or Demigod levels.). Please, keep the entries PG-13 level, which means don't make them explicit, obscene, pornographic, etc. The perfect example is the Aphrodisiac Pill in the story. Although we all know exactly what it does, the descriptions in the story itself are relatively vague, and all the "action" happens off screen. So please keep your medicinal pill descriptions "family friendly." If I see anything that goes too far, I will delete the entry. 

It doesn't matter whether your pill is designed to be "made" by Bai Xiaochun, or made by someone else and "used" by him. As long as it could realistically appear within AWE, then that's good enough.

Whether you enter the contest or not, please upvote your favorite entries. Generally speaking, the highest rated medicinal pills will make it into the final round of voting, although I reserve the right to add any entries I like to become finalists, even if they have low or no votes. As an added incentive, if the top 5-10 entries each have a number of upvotes equal to about 20% of the total comments/entries in the thread, I will have TWO WINNERS, and will award TWO NINTENDO SWITCHES as prizes! So if there 100 comments in the thread, then the top entries need to have 20 upvotes each. If there are 200 comments, 40 upvotes. Etc. Let's all be adults here and not downvote the competition, okay? I will disregard any downvotes, as well as how they affect the placement of the entries when using the "top comments" view in the comments thread.

Obviously, the sooner you get your comment into the thread, the more likely you will be to get upvotes, so be ready when the thread opens along with the release of chapter 500. If you can't enter the contest till later, don't worry, in much the same way that Bai Xiaochun sailed through the opening rounds of certain competitions early in the story, I will select a couple "dark horse" entries with few or no upvotes to enter the final round, so go ahead and submit entries all the way until the final moment.

I will keep the thread open to leave comments for two days! It will be closed when chapter 504 comes out on the evening of March 22 (Eastern Standard Time), so don't take too long to come up with your idea. 

I am the final arbiter and judge in the contest, and reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason, and delete their entry. As a reminder, to qualify to enter, you must have left ten meaningful comments on AWE in the past 10 days or so, and also have a mailing address suitable to mail the prize to. (The comment qualification is waived for my patreon supporters).

Again, I will open the thread for commenting along with the release of chapter 500, which will be sometime between 8-10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. I'll give advance notice on Twitter about 10 minutes before opening the thread.

UPDATE: Only one entry per person!

Finally, here is how to format your entry:


Medicinal Effect:

Medicinal Ingredients:

Flavor Description (optional):

So, for example (and this example is just regarding the posting format, not the content):

Heavenly Translation Pill

Medicinal Effect: Upon consuming the pill, you will translate Chinese to English at ten times your normal speed for an entire day

Medicinal Ingredients: infinite character flower, cheetah lily seed, Ren Woxing's right index finger, beer, coffee

Flavor Description: As soon as the pill appeared in the world, Wuxiaworld translators from across the globe converged and fought to the death to acquire the formula