AWE Chapter 500 Contest - Win a Nintendo Switch!!!

Hey everyone, I'm going to be hosting a little contest to commemorate AWE chapter 500, and the winner will get a Nintendo Switch (or alternate prize if the winner already owns a Switch)!

How do you qualify to win?

Qualification #1: You must leave at least TEN meaningful comments on AWE chapters on Wuxiaworld, any time up until chapter 500 is posted! Please note: if you currently read and comment on AWE, your past comments will not count. The only comments which count will be ones made starting from the moment of this announcement until chapter 500 is posted. Any chapter 1 to 500 is fair game to leave comments on, so new readers are absolutely encouraged to binge read and add a few comments along the way! I very much appreciate any and all comments, including “thanks” and “EXPLOOOSIOOOOON”, but for this contest, I will limit it to comments of substance. That includes humorous observations, profound insights, thoughtful critiques, intriguing questions, etc. As long is they are comments about the story itself, they will count. Responses to other comments also go toward the total of ten, however, each of the ten comments must be left on separate chapters.

Qualification #2: You must live in a country and have an address that I can ship to from (US). After I announce the finalists, I will contact them via e-mail to confirm that I can ship to their location before selecting the winner. I may say no to international shipping with exorbitant fees. For example, shipping to China from Amazon US sometimes costs more than the price of the item being purchased. So again, I will consider the finalists on a case-by-case basis when it comes to the shipping.

How do you actually enter the contest?

You will find out when chapter 500 is released, when I will make another announcement explaining how to enter the contest. To be clear, leaving ten meaningful comments qualifies you to enter, but does not count as the contest entry. Repeat: I will announce the method of entry later. Suffice to say, this will be a contest for true AWE fans! Anyone who thinks they can simply post a few comments and then randomly win a Switch will be wasting their time. 

I reserve the right to change the rules of the contest at any time and for any reason! Also, for those of you who are STILL waiting for some of the prizes for the ISSTH contest, I will be sending those out eventually. Unfortunately, those have to be manually packed up and shipped through customs, and I would really like to wait until I'm back in the U.S. to ship them, as opposed to shipping from within China which is a lot more troublesome. Also, the ISSTH trip to China is still happening, and the winners will be announced SOON™. 

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