Grab my original wuxia novel on Amazon!

I'm excited to announce that my original epic wuxia fantasy novel Legends of Ogre Gate has been professionally edited and is now available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. Check it out here! My intention with the story was to make it a good intro into the wuxia and xianxia genres, so if you have friends or family who wonder what Chinese fantasy novels are about, this should be a great starter novel (and a much quicker read than the insanely long web novels we are all used to). That said, it is still a meaty book, coming in at over 800 pages in the printed format. 

This version is a big step up from the original serialized format, both in terms of the writing quality and the plot. So many errors were fixed in editing that it's almost a new story. It also includes a map of the world that was not in the original release.

If you have the time, please leave an honest review on Amazon. 

Thanks so much, and enjoy the story!