Character Poll Results (Real)

Hope I got you with the April Fool's Joke!

Here are the real results! It is still true that any erroneous submissions were changed to lemonade.

Graph was hard to read for the MxM ships because of how many different submissions we got. So you get the chart instead.

SubmissionNumber of Votes
Cale Henituse x Choi Han2393
Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse260
Cale Henituse X Raon Miru153
Cale Henituse x Ron56
Beacrox x Choi Han41
Miraclerifle x Borderline Masochist36
Choi Han & Lock21
Raon Miru x Hong20
Cale Henituse x Kim Rok Soo14
Cale Henituse x Beacrox12
Choi Han x Toonka12
Choi Han x Ron9
Beacrox x Hans8
Cale x All the Guys6
Choi Han x Cale Henituse6
Ron x Beacrox5
Paseton x Cale Henituse5
Taylor Stan x Cale Henituse5
Toonka x Archie5
Archie x Cale Henituse4
Beacrox x Vice Captain Hilsman4
Toonka x Mueller4
Cale Henituse x Lock4
Hong x Lock4
Hans x Ron4
Hans x Hong3
Raon Miru x Venion Stan3
Vice Captain Hilsman x Choi Han3
Alberu Crossman x Taylor Stan3
Alberu Crossman x Choi Han3
Cale Henituse x Throwing Away Other Peoples' Money3
Venion Stan x Toonka3
Choi Han x Cale Henituse x Raon3
Vice Captain Hilsman x Toonka3
Choi Han x Raon Miru3
Redika x Toonka3
Choi Han x Redika3
Toonka x Cale Henituse3
God of death x Cale Henituse3
Hans x Vice Captain Hilsman3
Hong x Cale Henituse2
Alberu Crossman x Lock2
Raon X Beacrox2
Hong x Ten2
Toonka x Alberu Crossman2
Beacrox and Pendrick2
Beacrox x Raon Miru2
Cale Henituse x Pendrick2
Cale Henituse x Hans2
Archie x Choi Han2
Ron x Toonka2
Man eating tree spirit x Rock tower spirit2
Choi Han x Hans2
Mueller X Toonka2
Beacrox x Venion Stan2
Vice Captain Hilsman x Lock2
Borderline Masochist and Devshard1
Raon x Maes1
Borderline Masochist x Sect of Masochism1
Beacrox x Archie1
Ron x Arm1
Cale x Dominating Aura Spirit1
Borderline Masochist x F5 Sect1
Cale x Magic Spearman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)1
Venion Stan x Neo Tolz1
Beacrox x Redika1
Beacrox x Borderline Masochist1
Cale x Miraclerifle1
Ron x Lock1
Cale x Super Rock1
Ten x Shawn1
Archie x Paseton1
Hans & Deruth Henituse1
Beacrox x Paseton1
Translator x editor1
Lock X Toonka1
Hans x Dominating Aura Spirit1
Cale Henituse x 9 Wolf Children1
Redika x Archie1
Marqus Stan x Every Prison Guard1
Ron x Alberu Crossman1
Miraclerifle And Neo Tolz1
Whip-kun and Maso-san1
Beacrox x 9 Wolf Children1
Archie x Ron1
Miraclerifle x Toonka1
Taylor Stan x Venion Stan1
Mueller X Choi Han1
Beacrox x Lock1
Beacrox x Hong1
Toonka x Beacrox1
Choi Han x his Sword1
Toonka x Harol Kodiang1
Paseton x Choi Han1
Toonka x rock tower spirit1
Paseton x Toonka1
Trash x Trashcan1
Beacrox x Alberu Crossman1
Venion Stan x Redika1
Cale Henituse x Redika1
Cale x Basen Henituse1
Alberu Crossman x Shawn1
Lock x Beacrox1
Borderline Masochist x the 9 Wolf Children1
Lock X Paseton1
F5 Sect x 1st Comment1
Grand Total4098