Sage Monarch Story Archive

***Note: Contains spoilers up to the most recent chapter, read with care!*** 

Locations, Clans, and Characters

Quake-Dawn Continent

Yore-Wilds Continent

Hell of Euphoria

Sealed dimension which monsters came from, devil-gods who poured forth from it were called the Generals of Euphoria

other Hells formed after the war and God-Devil Apocalypse - Hell of Never-Ending and Hell of Tilling - ancient boundless places that existed in depths of space-time

Superheaven Badlands

Rich-Lush Continent

Once called Rich Prefecture, part of the Yore-Wilds Continent, the Rich-Lush Continent broke away from the Yore-Wilds Continent after the God-Devil Apocalypse

Grand Emperor Rich-Lush - first emperor of the Rich-Lush Continent

Yanhaven [State of Yan]

Yang Clan

Yang Qi - 18-year-old practitioner, steals Latent Dragon Pill from Yanhaven magistrate

Yang Zhan - clan lord, Yang Qi's father

Yang Yunchong - Yang Qi's first half-brother

Yang Hualong - Yang Qi's second half-brother

Yang Xu - Yang Qi's fourth uncle

Yang Zhen 

Yang Honglie - one of the top Yang Clan geniuses

Yang Zhougong - Great Uncle who serves the council of chief elders

Yang Susu - Yang Zhan's adoptive sister, a disciple of the Demi-Immortal Institute

Yang Shi - eighth phase expert

Yang Zhougong 

Yang Xingshi - the highest-ranking patriarch of the Yang Clan

Dowager Yan - a matriarch of the Yang Clan, Master of Energy, over 150 years old

Yang Wangxi - Yang Clan Chief Elder

Yang Yang - 20-year-old elite at the fifth phase 

Yang Lei - bastard son of the clan, talented cultivator in the sixth phase

Yang Shi - branch leader in Baishiville

Yang Feng - Yang Shi's son, 26 years old

Yang Zhen - branch leader in Zhaoluforth

Yang Kui - branch leader in Redleafcity, cultivates Insane Devil Energy Art

Yang Yong - elite youth in clan

Chen Clan

Lord Chen Dalei - Clan leader and practitioner of the Three Rings Energy Art (first-class technique)

Chen Qing - at Energy Eruption level, same age as Yang Qi

Chen Miejin - elite, loves martial arts

Chen Dalong - elder

Chen Dahong - Chen elder, wields ghostheaded greatsaber w/ hyper-toxic poison

Chen Dazhen - Chen elder

Chen Tianxiong - Hundred-Armed Demonoid, Master of Energy

Chen Tianhua - elder, defeated by Yang Qi

Chen Tianzhen - elder

Wang Clan

Lord Wang - Clan leader

Liu Clan

Lord Liu - Clan leader

Li Clan

Lord Li - Clan leader

Yan Clan - City Magistrate (removed from post, Yang Clan takes position)

Yan Gufeng - Yanhaven's city magistrate 

Yan Feixia - City magistrate's daughter

Bai Clan + House of the White Dragon

Yundale-by-the-Sea [State of Yun]

            Yun Clan

 Yun Zhonglong - City Magistrate, nicknamed Great King of Yun

 Yun Hailan - Princess of Yundale, tricks Yang Qi and takes Latent Dragon Pill

 Song Clan

 Song Haishan - cousin of Yun Hailan

 Song Haiguo - Song Haishan's older brother

 Song Zuting - clan lord

 Song Haitu 


Zhaoluforth (taken over by Yundale-by-the-Sea)

Redleaf City 

Hanging Mountain 

A separate world created during primeval times when space-time was in chaos

            GreensuraYang Qi's mother, holy daughter of the Demonfolk 

Blood Demon Grotto

            King Blood Demon

Sea of Chaos

Heavenly Demon Island

Shroud-Heaven Alliance

East Sea

Young Master Shroud-Heaven - Legendary demon-devil cultivator seeking to unite all rogue cultivators from the four seas to the alliance

Patriarch Frost-Drake - Nonary Lifeseizer who fights Yang Qi for the Ice-Soul God-Sword, later serves Yang Qi once he reached Legendary

Old Man Superdestruction - Yin-Yang Legendary, has Superdestruction Heart Sutra imperial-class energy art

Heavendawn Quarry

Ancient mine operated by Demonfolk in the west, but now serves as a prison to powerful monster

Hell of Suras - ancient hells, a place of endless fighting and battle, one who trans here can acquire an iron heart and incredible battle prowess

Hell of Euphoria

Hell of Never-Ending

Capital City

Hua Clan

Goldstone Soulcatcher Hua Gang

Heavencorpse Dimension

Blackcorpse Mountains

Fiendcorpse Mountains

Primalcorpse Mountains

Dragoncorpse Mountains

Direcorpse Mountains

Devilcorpse Mountains

Heavencorpse Kingdom

Yama Mountains

Ghost Emperor Yama

Baron Heavencorpse - Ghost Emperor Yama's apprentice, sovereign lord of the Heavencorpse Kingdom

Fiendcorpse Mountains

Heaven Lode Mountains

Manyflowers Peak

Manyflowers Palace

Holy Daughter Manyflowers - 40 year old grand elder, Nonary Lifeseizer

Yang Susu - Holy Daughter Manyflowers' apprentice

Northern Frontier Desert

Black Sea

Black Floodwyrn Grotto

King Black Floodwyrm

East Sea

Fiend-Devil Island - a place where fiend-devils in hell tore a hole through the void, currently used for cultivation purposes by the Sea God Institute


freshmen, outer campus students (Outer Campus), inner campus students (Inner Campus), elite students (College of Elite), conclave students, holy neophyte

Demi-Immortal Institute

Scripture Pavillion - study martial disciplines and energy arts

Academy of Sage Studies - Lifeseizing level students would take an exam to become an elite student

Elder War-Soldier, Elder War-Glory, Elder War-Hero, Elder War-Power, Elder War-Gallant - Five elders of the Academy of Sage Studies

Elder War-Sage - Nonary Lifeseizer and leader of the Academy of Sage Studies

Minorcosm World

core of institute, only Legendaries may enter - contains Nine-Yang Immortal Energy (nine-colored)

Nine-Yang Immortal Energy - Red, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, black, orange, cold - colors of nine dragons

Divinity-Piercing Immortal Light - pierces ones nascent divinity and drives impure thoughts or desires out

Grand Elder Godhawk - Nonary Lifeseizer for 100 years, brings Yun Hailan to Minorcosm World at the same time as Holy Daughter Manyflowers and Yang Qi

Patriarchs Wind and Cloud - Legendaries at Wind and Cloud Pagoda

Seven Preheaven Masters - Master Jadecrux, Master Kilocrux, Master Macrocrux, Master Goldcrux 

Three Pure Yang Elders

Central Battle Arena - events location

Hall of Feats and Virtue - place where students can trade merit points for items - run by Grand Elder Feat-Virtue who is killed by Yang Qi

Soul Rejuvenation Cistern - place of recovery

Master Jade-Yang - one of the Three Pure Yang Elders, Nonary Lifeseizer


Divine Ability Society

Truth and Reason Society

Five Lightnings Society

Unparalled Lightning - holy neophyte

Moonfire Society

Gentlemen's Society

Master Wild Gentleman - leader

Yuan Kun - the Flying War-King, Octonary Lifeseizer

Crown Prince Society

Crown Prince

Chu Tiange - killed by Yang Qi while on a mission with the Gentlemen's Society in Fiendcorpse Mountains

Gu Fenxian - eliminated by Jiang Fan under blood tribute from Yang Qi

Song Haishan - eliminated by Jiang Fan under blood tribute from Yang Qi

Grand Elder Godhawk - dharmic guard

Jiang Fan - elite student Quaternary Lifeseizing - cultivates Starry River Zodiac Cyclone Art

Huang Hong - Secondary Lifeseizer who is one of Jiang Fan's lackeys - wiped out by Yang Qi

Lei Tao - [Heaven, Earth, Man, the Three Heroes] Grand Thunderclap Swordplay user - dies to Yang Qi

Qu Ling - [Heaven, Earth, Man, the Three Heroes] 

Qin Hui - [Heaven, Earth, Man, the Three Heroes] 

Xie Feng - the Heaven-Toppler who practices Mahābrahman Buddhist Palm, one of the top conclave students in the Crown Prince Society - killed by Yang Qi

Huang Hou - holy neophyte 

Sage Monarch Society

Li He - student

Hua Yinhu - student

He Jili - student, eighth phase from noble family of the Sage Ancestor Dynasty

Liang Dong - mysterious freshman student 

Yang Qi

Hall of Achievements and Virtue - stone temple, where students turn in valuable objects in exchange for merit points

College of Elite Students

Devil-Suppression Tower - cultivation place where students fight devil-ghosts

True Dragon Institute

Qiao Yihang - student baptized in Myriad Dragons Divine Blood after entering Myriad Dragon Cisterns with Coiling Dragon Grand Energy art, defeated in the second round of competition by Yang Qi

Sea God Institute

Gu Che - borrowed valuable Heart of the Sea thumb ring from the institute, later killed by Yang Qi 

Jun Tianchou - student who meets Yang Qi and created Four Corners of the Earth talisman

Yun He - Master of Energy outer campus student who performed well in previous competition

Ao Yiyue 

Sun Moon Institute

Longxuan Ye - Tertiary Lifeseizer who challenges Yang Qi with Profound Yellow Pagoda

Hua Chicheng - Legendary grand elder

Minorbrilliance World

Other Organizations in the Rich-Lush Continent

House of Spring and Autumn

Lord Zhang Lie

Lu Wangxian - ninth young lord

Tabernacle of Flame 

Flame Clearspring - conclave student from Tabernacle of Flame - ranked deputy pontifex, Yang Qi's sworn sibling

Pontifex Flame - leader of the Tabernacle of Flame

Lu Wangxian - Yang Qi's sworn sibling

Flame Midheaven - Pontifex Flame's oldest son, Clearspring's brother


Sage Ancestor Dynasty - feudal government, host of vassal states 

Sage Ancestor City - the imperial capital of the Sage Ancestor Dynasty


Luo Hun - City magistrate guard of Yanhaven - nickname: Armored Devil-Ghost

Godmammoths - divine spirits with murderous auras

House of Jade Dew - sect with connections to Zhaoluforth before it was overtaken by Yundale

Blight Legion Church [Western Continent]

House of Shadowblight [Poison Sect]

Arhat Hyperblight -  HoS member who is at peak of 8th energy art phase, targets Yang Clan

Arhat Greenblight - HoS member, dies to Yang Qi

Blightking Skulkdevil - HoS elder, Secondary Lifeseizer from the west crushed by Yang Qi

Blightking Crimsondevil - Quinary Lifeseizer with true energy vestiges

Blightking Blisscarnage - Nonary Lifeseizer, thirty-second vice-houselord

Blightczar Skyfiend - ninth vice-houselord, killed by Yang Qi

Blightczar Manyshadows - houselord, Five-Phases Legendary

Blightczar Manyrivers 

Blackcorpse Mountains - Yang Clan autumn hunt takes place here, Yan River starts here

Daoist Master Latent Dragon - creator of Latent Dragon Pills

Little White - white ape

Four Seas Bistro - Operated by the Four Seas Consortium restaurant

Demonfolk, located at the Hanging Mountain (Yang Qi's mother's home)

jianghu - pugilistic world

Seafolk - people of the sea who breathe with gills instead of lungs

Sea King

Tsunami of the Sea King - consummate technique from Sea God Institute

Blood Demon Grotto (one of the 72 grottos)

Professor Chu - Demi-Immortal Institute instructor, Master of Energy

Chu Tiange - Lifeseizer who is defeated by Yang Qi

Jing Wuxue - Lifeseizer, leader of the vampire brigands

Crown Prince - neophyte

Long Tai - expert of the Gentlemen's Society

Ying Ling - expert of the Divine Ability Society

Luo Tian - expert of the Five Lightnings Society

Ouyang Hu - lifeseizer

King Huaiyin - Corpse king in Lifeseizing level in Fiendcorpse Mountains

King Black Floodwyrm - leads Black Floodwyrm Grotto (one of the 72 grottos) and ranks higher than Blood Demon Grotto

black floodwyrm demon cores hunted in the Black Sea

Dragonizing Grand Spell Formation - in depths of subterranean rivers

Jiao Wufeng - serves Black King Floodwyrm, Quinary Lifeseizer, essentially a floodwyrm who dies to Yang Qi

spell formation - Nine Dragons Fatal Strike Array

Nine Cleavings of the Dragon King: First Cleaving: Sever Rivers; Second Cleaving: Part Seas; Third Cleaving: Carve Mountains; Fourth Cleaving: Shatter Stars; Fifth Cleaving: Collapse Voids; Sixth Cleaving: Eradicate Immortals; Seventh Cleaving: Pulverize Heaven and Earth; Eighth Cleaving: Fracture the Universe; Ninth Cleaving: Create a Great Dao

Divine Yaksha Starmetal Aurora - dao of yakshas

King Bloodcorpse Devil - from the Heavencorpse Kingdom, wields Bloodshadow Godwhip (blood demon energy art)

Godtongue - most ancient dialect, spoken by golden imp - Godmyth level

fiend-devil nobility 

barons, viscounts, counts, marquises, dukes, princes

Viscount Kui - fiend-devil

Preheaven Devil Formation - space-bending place where Jun Tianchou and other cultivators were sucked into via the five fiend-devils for sacrifice

Flameking Cauldron - magical item/protective shield place where Jun Tianchou and other students/top experts were in by pooling their true energy with black-gold devil energy

Hua Fengfeng - Sun Moon institute student, Septenary Lifeseizer and daughter of Hua Tianxiong, Legendary grand elder; uses Opus of the Phoenix - burns life force for power, sworn sibling of Yang Qi

Hua Tianxiong - Hua Fengfeng's father, ninth Legendary transformation level

Yan Chenxing - Hua Fengfeng's mother, Never-Dying Legendary, descendant of the Sun Moon Institute's head of academics, Yan Wuya

Hua Piaomiao - Hua Fengfeng's sister, also Sun Moon institute student, simply gives up in competition for Yang Qi to move on

Ji Xiaoman & Ji Xiaorong - Sun Moon Institute conclave students, blood sisters

Zhao Wuhun - conclave student, Septenary Lifeseizer from House of Martial Saints whose master is a Legendary

Meng Qingshan - Senary Lifeseizer from the Meng Clan

Soaring Cloudheaven, Soaring Cloudwyrm, Soaring Cloudgrit - all Quinary Lifeseizers, blood brothers from the House of Soaring Clouds (Soaring Clan)

Yuan Tiankong - conclave student from Sea God Institute, Quinary Lifeseizer, Elder Brother to Jun Tianchou

Sun Qian - conclave student from True Dragon Institute, Quinary Lifeseizer

Li Zhengdao - conclave student from True Dragon Institute, Elder Brother of Sun Qian, Quinary Lifeseizer

Su Ximing - friend of Jun Tianchou preparing to found his own sect, had come across Eight Polarities Divine Anthology [imperial-class energy art], and a sworn brother of Yang Qi

Seven Preheaven Masters - top experts

Three Pure Yang Elders - top experts

Prince Wei

Yun He - final three contestants, but gives up so that Yang Qi and Yun Hailan could fight in the finals

gobblewock - ferocious and gluttonous monster

Liberating Weapon Tribulation - when vital energy becomes strong enough, would unleash a tribulation

Nine Serenities & Yellow Springs - underworld

Sura Portal - Sura Devil-Eye

Swordguru Flying-Cloud - leader of the Hall of the Flying-Cloud Sword Dao, also one of the 18 leaders of the Shroud-Heaven Alliance

Acupoint Divinities - also term for nonary lifeseizers where their true energies would become like nascent divinities crystalized into their acupoints

Akkhongž - sealed asura, a general among the sura people. 

Deadly Star Lightning - tribulation, Universal Polarity Godbell appears when Yang Qi was about to overcome the lightning tribulation

Lord Wavesand - lord of Wavesand Isle

Devil-Eyes - overall, eyes are considered the most ultimate symbol of respect as they are the window into the soul. 

Sura Devil-Eyes - battle and slaughter

Deathly Devil-Eyes - end of life

Preheaven Devil-Eyes - cruelty

Rich-Lush Eyes - rich resources and lush harvests/things of pure joy

Lord's Eye - past, present, and future, gift from the Lord himself

Physique of the Sovereign Lord - godmammoth body type

Fundamental powers of the universe: Nine-Yang Immortal Energy, Clear Heaven True Energy, Great Void True Energy, Thousand Illusions Immortal Energy, Sovereign Lord True Energy, 

Mongoltar - enormous city, about the same size as the Sage Ancestor Dyansty's Capital City, filled with towering buildings and people as many expert energy artists frequented this city; ruled over by the Mongol Clan

Myriad Consortium - business group based in Mongoltar, deal in all sorts of precious items and information; they also fund the Crown Prince Society (wiped out by Yang Qi)

Bloodmelting Grand Spell Formation - unique House of Shadowblight spell formation

Patriarich Mongolbeast - City Magistrate of Mongoltar, a blood form legendary instantly killed by Yang Qi

Operation Azure Heavens - way to gain enlightenment of the dao, Yun Hailan starts this when she hears that Yang Qi is a Legendary

Ghost Exterminating God Art - Lightning Cage used by Elder Feat-Virtue

spore-devils - fundamental aspect of the Hell Portal when summoning monsters, spore-devils would act as leaders

Mission: Mend Heaven - repairing the damage inflicted on the Rich-Lush Continent by the Hell of Euphoria

Cultivation Phases

Four levels of cultivation: Energy Art > Lifeseizing > Legendary > Great Sage

Energy Art 

1.) Development - build up energy in the body

2.) Circulation - vital energy flow through meridian channels

3.) Convergence - vital energy gathered in central sea of energy

4.) Refinement - refine and purify gathered energy 

5.) Eruption - external use of energy art

6.) Weapon - ability to turn energy into corporeal weapons

7.) Manifestation - ability to summon beasts

8.) Incarnation - Mind Incarnation, defensive energy

9.) Master of Energy - Grandmaster

Energy Art Classes

Third-class, second-class, first-class, royal-class, imperial-class, saintly-class, heavenly-class, and godly-class.


Primary Lifeseizing, Secondary Lifeseizing, Tertiary Lifeseizing, Quaternary Lifeseizing, Quinary Lifeseizing, Senary Lifeseizing, Septenary Lifeseizing, Octonary Lifeseizing, Nonary Lifeseizing


Nine Legendary Transformations

  1. Blood-Form Transformation - remold meridians, sea of energy, blood, flesh, and bones as basis/foundation
  2. Spirit-Soul Transformation - strengthen mind and cultivate divine will
  3. Space-Void Transformation - enlightenment of the magical laws that govern the operation of the space and the void, one may create small-scale spatial dimensions and travel through space
  4. Five-Phases Transformation - collect elements of five phases and gain enlightenment of the five convergences
  5. Yin-Yang Transformation - use yin and yang energies that exist in heaven and earth and combine them with the energy of the five phases
  6. Personal Domain Transformation - one can create a personal domain, a place in which one would be almost completely invincible.
  7. Ghost-God Transformation - one can take empyrean and baleful energies of heaven and earth and use them to create a ghost-god, thus this transformation is sometimes called the Empyrean-Baleful Transformation
  8. Astral-Star Transformation - use energy arts to connect with the power of the stars out in the universe
  9. Never-Dying Transformation - one's body becomes incapable of dying by drawing on essence

Great Sage

Yang Clan Energy Art

Positive Yang Energy Art 

Frigid Net of Heaven [Ice Energy Art]

Flowing River of Iron Fetters [Ice Energy Art]

Insane Devil Energy Sabers [Insane Devil Energy Art]

Hundred Transformations of the Fish-Dragon

Insane Devil Detonation [Insane Devil Energy Art]

Righteous Bloodshed Energy Art - summon iron scythes

Invincible King’s Fist - one of the most powerful clan techniques with 6 stances

First Stance: Triumph in Every Battle

Second Stance: Victory in Every Fight 

Third Stance: No Stronghold Too Powerful 

Fourth Stance: Defy All Laws and Principles 

Fifth Stance: Eternally Undefeated  

Sixth Stance: All Phenomena Bend to the Master

Ghost Phase Energy Art

Frigid Ice Energy Art

Thousand-Kilometer Glaciating

Inferno Energy Art [fire type technique]

Roc Energy Art

Lightning Energy Art

Furious Whale Energy Art

Whale Consumes the Sea

Ghost Toxin Saber Art

Hundred Poisons Energy Art

Hundred Flowers Spear Art

Chen Clan energy art

Hundred Flowers Bloom - inborn energy, move which is like the dawn of spring

Four Seasons Swordplay Energy Art

House of Spring and Autumn energy art

Hundred Flowers Bloom - inborn energy, move which is like the dawn of spring

Violet Sunrise Divine Art

Violet Energy from the East

Heart-Piercing Strike

Violet Sunrise Divine Art

  • Rise of the Violet Dragon

Deep Earth Energy Art

Toxic Detonation 

Humanoid True Energy

Blood-Toxin Energy Art

Blood Demon Energy Art

Devil Sutra of the Blood Emperor - an imperial-class energy art

Beast King Energy Art

Tiger Roars at the Heavens

True Incarnation of the Tiger King

Great Emperor Energy Art

imperial-class energy art

Profound Yellow Pagoda - True Energy Megahand - nine-story tall pagoda of true energy

Son of Heaven's Godfist - imperial class energy art, cultivation leads to one to become like a son of heaven

Five Volumes of Immortal Immolation - imperial-class energy art from Gu Clan

Painting of Immortal Immolation - flames that turn into image of painting, depicting god-immortals/transcendent beings

Volumes of Immortal Immolation - imperial-class energy art

Ghost-Slaughtering Saber Art

Starry River Zodiac Cyclone Art

Blightstorm Energy Art

Netherworld Ghostclaw 

Ghostsoul Possession

Undying Devil Soul - created by Ghost Emperor Yama - devil-ghosts would no longer fear burning fire or golden blood energy

Devil Art

Deathly Devil-Eyes

Heavenly Reincarnation Art

Ten Lives Transmigration - force cycles of reincarnation onto an opponent

Ten Lives Seal - double-handed incantation that forms sealing mark

Devilhorde Greater Transportation 

Devil Sutra of the Blood Emperor (imperial class)

blood-type energy arts 

Bloodshadow Godwhip

Blood Drenches the Human World

Nine Blood Gods; Boundless Blood Sea

Blood-Devil Dispellation, Manifold Vital Energy

Blood Detonation, Lightning of Blood

Sura Rebirth Magic


Hundred Paces Divine Fist

Corpse-Crunching White Tiger

Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth

  1. Infernal Deity Spear
  2. Fiend-Devil Wings > Angel Wings 
  3. Infernal Deity Aegis > Infernal Deity Plate Armor
  4. Hellfire Crucible - melt/refine anything
  5. Devil-God Seal - provides perfect powers of concealment
  6. Hell Portal - summons and calls powerful devil-gods in hell to lend their power
  7. God Legion Paradise - land of utmost purity
  8. Sagefire MIrror - mirror of pure platinum fire

Golden Toad Eats the Moon

Fierce Tiger Leaps Over the Stream

Shatter the Heart, Crush the Lungs

True Heat Wave

Humanoid True Energy

Wings of the White Crane [first-class energy art]

One Sword to Freeze Nineteen Prefectures

Mesh of Heaven, Net of Earth

Golden Bell Rampart

Thousand Kilometer Soul Locking

Roc Wings

Devastating Mountain-Crushing

Strength of the Tornado

Dragon-Tiger Tornado

Gaze Barrage - ability attained at Energy Incarnation level

Balefire Chakram - ranged weapon attack

Ghost-Built Barricade - Ghost Toxin Art attack

Hundred Poisons Battle Armor - [Mind Incarnation] deadly scaled armor, protects against many weapons as it consists of inborn energy filled with 100 poisons

Lion's Roar

Four Seasons Swordplay

Silk Rain of the Spring Silkworm

Infernal Deity Boneflame: Scorching Hellfire

Crush Hells, Subdue Devil-Gods

Boundless Ocean - royal-class energy art

Cosmic Sunflare Sword technique  - absorbs quintessence of burning sun to form a great sun sword soul

Ten Suns Ascend to Heaven 

Fire Dragon Belches Pearls

Lifeseizing Nascent Divinity

Cosmic Blast; Aeonic Invincibility

Sword Shakes all Creation; Engulf the True Origin

Mighty Heaven Sword Wheel, Illuminate all Creation

Cosmic Rotation; Rattle Heaven and Earth

Inverse Sun-Moon Assassination

Thousand-Ton Sword Net - wrap sun gem to extract sun quintessence

Lunar Corona - sword energy

Sunflare Illuminates the Nine Prefectures

Cleansing Flame of the Heavenly World - used with Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth

Fire Dragon of the Great Sun

Nascent Divinity Quintessence

Fire Dragon Armageddon

Seeking Claw of the Cloud Dragon

Hundred Grandmasters Spell Formation - from the Sage Ancestor Dynasty

Grand Bloodshade Disintegration - used to kill oneself along with the enemy

Flamesun True Energy

Bloodshadow Godwhip - high-level blood-type energy art which summons a whip that resembles a blood dragon

Bloodshadow Godshield - tower shield w/ blood-colored ghost

Ghost-Beheading God-Expelling Godsword

Boundless Megaplexus Sword Net

Art of Radiance and Light - shoot out ball of energy

Return of the Ghost-God

Heavencorpse Assault

Destroy the Cosmos

Animadestiny quintessence

Army-Shattering Fist

Shape-Altering Art - invisibility technique

Form-Concealing Technique - invisibility technique

Worldwide Blightstorm - black true energy to create blade-wielding devil-ghost

Hell Vortex Sagefire Crucible - vortex of true energy, coverts into life force quintessence

Grand Thunderclap Swordplay [royal class energy art]

Thunderclap Devastation

Transformation of the Thunderclap - summons lightning bolds to slay opponents

Lightning Tramples all Creation

Wrath of the Lightning God

Wind Forest Volcano

Driftflame Meteor

Power of Heaven and Earth

Hand of the Yama

Wretch-Emperor Energy

Grand Palms of the Wretch-Emperor - summons 8 wicked palms, distorting the area

Ancient Sword Dao Technique from the Ravging Dual Sword Sect

  1. Freezing Night 
  2. Flying Stars
  3. Rustling Wind
  4. Broken Moon
  5. Shocking Clouds
  6. Ravage Law
  7. Ravage Heaven

Moonset Hyperlunar Sword technique 

Sea-Quelling Megapalm - palm attack from Sea God Institute

Seven Forms of the Sea God

  1. Sea-Quelling form
  2. Sea-Leveling form
  3. Sea-Pacifying form
  4. Sea-Disturbing form
  5. Sea-Parting form
  6. Sea-Ravaging form

Mahābrahman Buddhist Palm

Nightfall Symphony - gained by Yang Qi when he combined the spear technique with his sword from the golden imp

Eight Trigrams Wind and Cloud Furnace - use true energy of wind and clous for purification

Eight Trigrams Preheaven Godseals

The Rage Eye - Crown Prince summons two powerful auras - Thousand Autumns (Confucian scholar - Houselord Spring-Autumn) and Sagefire (man in flame robes - Pontifex Flame)

Never-Dying Transformation - breakthrough from ninth Legendary transformation to Great Sage

Soul-Quelling Sonata - wretched ancient song designed to drag human souls into the Hell of Nine Serenities

Nine-Heavens Ten-Earths Demon-Devil-Horde World-Ending Grand Spell Formation

True Scripture of the Flame Emperor - Tabernacle of Flame secret technqiue

Tyrannical Form of the Flame Emperor - body of grand ruler (Flame Clearspring achieves this)

Skyfiend Blightpalm

  1. First stance - Hook the Soul. Snatch the Life
  2. Second stance - Break the Legs, Sever the Arms
  3. Third stance - Mountain of Corpses, Sea of blood
  4. Forth stance - Defeat the Armies, Slaughter the Hordes
  5. Fifth stance - Descent of the Toxic God

Eighty-One Soul-Concealing Demon Sorceries - ability to split heaven-demon seed and infuse power into treasures

Heaven-Demon Body Possession Incantation - ability to take over one's mind

Thirteen Heavenly Gates Reincarnation Formation - spellformation


Infernal Deity Spear - weapon upon reaching 6th phase of energy arts

Army-Felling Crossbows

Ice-Soul God-Sword - sealed by Guru Ice-Soul on island and refined it as a Legendary-level weapon

Haughty Snow Sword - Patriarich Frost-Drake's sword

Mysticwater Heavenshield

Purgatory Godhalberd


Latent Dragon Pill - fiery-red medicinal pill 

Shadowblight - poison

Energy Convergence Pill - allows one to reach cultivation breakthroughs

Lovemaking Powder

Demon core - natural occurrence which contains the quintessence of a fifth phase energy art demonlings - usually traded to obtain energy convergence pills

Golden Nine Transformations Pill - high-grade energy convergence pill

Chiliocosm Mirror - reveals the weakness of any martial discipline and corrects the flaws in one's martial disciplines

Bloodbody Thumb-ring - stores inborn energy to use when fighting, has the ability to make an energy artist much stronger in a fight.

Nine Transformations Pill Sutra - scroll for concocting a Golden Nine Transformations Pill

Violet Sunrise Pill

Heart of the Sea thumb ring - valuable ring from Sea God Institute, borrowed by student Gu Che who died in a fight with Yang Qi, contains a minor plane used to store large amounts of items.

Flamesun vine - similar to airmastery plant that helps with refinement

Dragonpearl - contain the will of a divine dragon

Violet-Golden Meridian-Strengthening Pill - made by combining ten-thousand-year-old violet-gold with thousand-year-old violet magical mushrooms to improve one's meridians.

Emerald Dew Rejuvenation Lozenges - made from elixir extracted from thousand-year-old fine jade, extrudes impurities, strengthens one and forestalls physical signs of aging

Marrow-Quickening Soul-Strengthening Pill - made from ancient fossils of demonlings, helps improve life force quintessence

Dragon-Tiger Body-Rejuvenating Ointment - made from gallbladders of pythons 

Bearsnake Pill - rare pill

Blood-Energy Body-Eruption Pill - rare pill

Sage Devil Painting - painting which contains thousands of Master of Energy demon cores

Life force springwater - spirit water that contains life force quintessence

Legendary jade

  1. Nine Heavens godjade
  2. Kṣitigarbha sagejade - for hoarding purposes and contains life force; Kṣitigarbha is a bodhisattva
  3. Star River monarchjade

Four Corners of the Earth - spirit talisman forged with Jun Tianchou's heartblood

Space-Piercing Divine Talisman 

Quake-Dawn godsteel - locks/shackles Ghost Emperor Yama

Deathly Devil-Eye - object from the dao of ghosts and corpses

Preheaven Devil-Eye - object from the dao of fiend-devils, uses wretch energy of fiend-devils to bend space-time

Radiant Paradise God-Eye - Eye of Sun Moon Institute

Nascent Divinity Pills - medicinal pills

Pearl of the Thousand Illusions World - god item pearl which has power to create powerful illusions out of nothing

pāraka godflower - rumored flower to be watered with the blood of gods, and after blooming would contain the power of a god-spirit, Holy Daughter Manyflowers wages this for Yang Qi to get into top three

Wind and Cloud Flag - forged with heart-blood and dragon-king goldsilk from Patriarchs Cloud and Wind

Lord Brahma's Gauntlets - magical treasure that contains ancient power of Buddha

Vast Heavens Sage Energy - gourd from the vast heavens void, true energy that is sage energy, higher-level energy than Nine-Yang Immortal Energy

Gate of the Great Void - magical space-time treasure for the competition, one can harvest Great Void True Energy from an alternate dimension

Space-Piercing Divine Talisman - space-time item like Gate of the Great Void

Euphoria Godstone - "devil embryo" - contains wretch energy life force quintessence, the quintessence-blood in the stone contains power of space

Heavendawn Treatise - stolen by Demi-Immortal Chancellor from Akkhongž

Grand Emperor's Pagoda - magical treasure which is linked to the demon formation, fabled to be made by the first emperor of the Rich-Lush Dynasty, Grand Emperor Rich-Lush

Ancient Blightlegion Dagger-Axe - toxic/destructive axe

Five phases magical treasures: Skyspirit Lamp, Razorgold Dagger-Axe, Mulberry Shoot, Singularity Water, and Yellowdragon Sand

Pill Classes

low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade

Stone Grades

low-, mid-, high-, supreme-, royal-, imperial- sovereign-, sagely-, heavenly-, godly-grade