The Prince and the Dragon

Lord was relaxing in the castle study lazily browsing a couple books reading of great adventures and epic quests! This was his time to rest between Training the sword all morning with Piaro and spending the evening studying with Sticks, who as of late had been enamored by the influx of new books and documents from the arrival of the evil eyes. The only problem was these new books tended to be incredibly long winded, full of euphemisms and had extended build up scenes to reach rather anticlimactic results. This all made it a bit difficult to find the real information in the mix.

Lord was roused from his reading when he sensed a large flux of magic from deep within the castle, He jumped up from his seat quickly with a huge grin on his face. Who would use such extreme magic in the middle of King Grids castle? Only one person, his father!

Lord rushed through the halls of the castle utilizing his assassin skills and exceptional footwork to dodge chambermaids and other bustling liveliness within the castle that blocked his path. Finally he reached the elaborately decorated corridor leading to the large oak doors bristling with magic. His father had returned! Lord excitedly burst through the door.


Lord's words fell off as he took in the image around him. Gold, jewels, marble, relics... all piled in the corner spilling out to easily cover half the room, which lord now recognized was MUCH larger than it used to be. His look turned from confusion to awe, and all that passed his mind was, what an amazing adventure father must have just returned from and this magic is incredible! father is so cool! Not even giving it a second thought. After all, what couldn't King Grid do?

He turned to see a lump in the bed and a sly grin crossed his face, the lump didn't stir. He hasn't woke yet! Lord's body dropped low sneaking to the foot of the bed, he tensed his knees and launched a full body sprawled jump onto the bed, ready to land atop his father with a great big hug. As his body sailed through the air a look of confusion crossed lords face like lightning.

The size wasn't right, the lump was so tiny and a sweet scent wafted the room unlike his father's smell of smoke and sweat. Lord used his skills to quickly adjust his landing careful not to land on the small delicate body he now realized he vaulted towards. He landed instead touching both his feet and both his hands on either side of the small figure. This left him face to face peering down at the tender sleeping face of a beautiful little girl.

Lord had his experience with beauty after spending so much time with the Rebeccah's Daughters candidates, but this girl left him speechless and stunned for a moment. Her face was scrunched and brow was furrowed but she hadn't woke. So lord carefully climbed off the bed, standing now beside the bed looking down at the sleeping girl.

Why was she in fathers bed? !!! Father must have saved her! She must be a distant kingdom's princess that he saved from some evil scheme to corrupt her! He looked again at the pile of treasure and devotedly nodded his head. That must be what happened. So cool!

"I hope you wake up soon, I can't wait to hear how father saved you" Lord whispered before stealthily sneaking back to the door, he took one more look around the room with a grin. He closed the door silently and rushed down the hall, when he was far enough away he finally let out a deep sigh and practically yelled out "SO COOL! I can't wait to go on adventures and save everybody!"

He looked out a nearby window and noticed how late it was getting. He knew better than to be late to his training so he rushed off to the library to meet up with Sticks.

An hour and a half later the girl stirred from her sleep, raising to a sitting position before looking around the room.

How had he entered without my permission? This is my space! AND WHAT THE HELL WAS HE TRYING TO DO JUMPING AT ME LIKE THAT!

Apparently she had been fully aware of her surroundings during her slumber. The image of the girl flickered leaving behind her true from of a small thin dragon, she spent a few moments licking her scales and scratching others, making herself presentable as any women must when she wakes! She knew she only had an hour and her stomach already growled. She finished making herself presentable using areas of her treasure to view her reflection and enjoy her treasure. Flickering back to the image of a girl she opened the window and unceremoniously leapt out the window to go meet her "personal chef" at the appointed location.

Lord spent the evening reading the evil eyes books alongside Sticks, occasionally stopping to relay information to his teacher or to hear his teachers explanation of something he was reading. Mostly they were just translating the books so normal adventurers would be able to read them without going dizzy. But his mind was distracted, spinning tales with his own imagination of how Grid saved the "Little Princess" as he had started referring to her. He considered asking Sticks what happened. But there was something exciting about hearing the story from her little pink lips.

He Ate Dinner with sticks until the sun was setting which signaled the beginning of his assassin games. It was essentially tag. Once the sun set Lord and the other assassin trainees would set out upon the city attempting to both avoid and capture each other. If he could catch 10 without being caught he got to spend the night as he pleased! But of course Kasim was amongst the shadows only truly acting when Lord made a mistake... Lord rarely ever had a night off.

He slumped into bed after hours of rigorous training, sometime he thought Kasim might have it in for him. But he also enjoyed being held to the highest standards so it motivated him. The soft pillow and warm blanket hugged him gently and he drifted to sleep with visions of Grid flying through the sky Slaying monsters cutting down thousands of soldiers all one handed as the other cradled the small delicate form of Little Princess.

He woke in the morning to the exciting scent... BACON!! One of Rebeccah's daughters candidates had just dropped off his breakfast and left with a wave and a giggle as she scurried off to help her sisters with the rest of breakfast. They secretly fought over this privilege.

After eating his day once again started out in the fields to meet Piaro where he would learn who to train with today. Piaro noticed he seemed unusually vigorous and determined today, which just made him push young Lord harder.

Finally the time came, lunch then his free time! He scarfed down some food quickly renewing his spent stamina before hurrying off to the large oak doors, this time knowing what was inside the room, he knocked gently... He knocked a bit harder... He knocked again this time calling out as well "Little Princess? Are you here?" He couldn't help it. He cracked the door open "Little Princess?" still nothing... he stuck his head in the room. Glancing around. Nothing seemed to have changed his eyes darted to the bed and the small lump under the blankets upon it.

Sleeping? Still??? Lords brows Furrowed and he slowly entered the room, approaching the sleeping form. The breaths came steady but her face was still scrunched her head gently shook to the side. It looked like she was having a nightmare. Yesterday he had dismissed that look on her face. But to still have it. Was she stuck in a nightmare? Cursed? Why didn't she wake?

A cloud of concern grew in his mind, the girl gently thrashed against an unseen opponent. He quietly backed away and snuck out of the room. He still had some free time and had decided how to use it. He met Sticks early asking for books on Sleeping curses or sleeping illnesses. Sticks complied only having a little confusion of the boys sudden interest, but whatever motivates seeking knowledge Sticks supported and even allowed him to continue through some of their scheduled time. Though not all of it. He seriously needed some help translating these evil eyes documents....

The next few days went along quite the same lines, he took opportunities to ask his mentors what they knew of sleeping curses, poisons and ailments. He made a routine of stopping by to visit Little Princess everyday. Nothing had changed for days. He had to do something, but there were far too many different stories of similar cases. Dozens of poisons and spells. He began to collect herbs from the apothecary following a recipe he found in one of the many books that was supposed to cure one of the poisons considered more common.

The next day he carefully applied the medicine he made to the girl's face and hands it was supposed to be applied to as much skin as possible but that was as much as he could bring himself to do. He stepped back looking down at the new sheen on the girl's skin and he whispered "I'll save you Little Princess. I will." Then left the room quietly to continue his day.

An hour and a half later the girl sat up quickly. Her body was stiff. She had been ignoring his visits, all he ever did was come in and mumble to himself! What was his problem?? But this time?! HE TOUCHED HER! SMEARING THIS GUNK ON HER!!

The image flickered as she returned to her dragon from raising from the bed and shaking her body furiously shedding any excess oils. she approached her treasure for her daily preening but revealed a look of shock as she took in her reflection on all the faceted surfaces of the treasure. Her scales around her face and neck had a deep black luster to them, they shined an caught the light brilliantly. she reached up and smeared a bit of the oils further down her neck and watched the luster grow on her scales.

Her fury forgotten she enjoyed the beauty of her reflection. I suppose I can excuse him. It's just like having a servant rub your feet, that's all! I don't have enough time in my day to worry about such things so having this servant boy do it isn't so bad.

Lord was a bit upset the next day when he visited the still sleeping girl. His medicine hadn't worked. But that was just one he was too determined to give up now. He applied more of the medicine he had already made, just in case, and decided to try the next one on the list tomorrow. There were just so many...

He also learned some simple dispel techniques. Nothing worked. More magic more medicine. Nothing!

He steeled his will tonight was the full moon. One of the remedies he read was deep in a nearby hunting ground, a flower only available under the full moon. The rage of nearby monsters infected it wilting the flower so you had to approach without inciting the agro of nearby creatures. Lord steeled his will clenched his hands.

The sun was slowly setting Sticks observed Lord staring at the sunset and a smile crossed his face he nodded acknowledging the youth's determination. As the shadows crossed Lords body he disappeared into the night in a instant. Kasim raised an eyebrow watching the youth perfectly execute techniques teleporting through shadows avoiding approaching colleagues just to pounce at their back as they passed by not noticing his presence.

He quickly caught his tenth assassin colleague but instead of his usual excited yells and celebration Kasim observed him only furrow his brow further and continue executing his skills as he dashed towards the edge of town. Kasim slightly concerned of Lords unusual actions called on Faker to assist him in tailing the young prince. The two professional assassins stalked the boy as he left the city and made his way into the dark wilderness. Lord stopped and rested just outside the hunting grounds known to grow the flower he sought.

Catching his breath and scanning the area he saw no signs of the small flower, so he observed the monsters stalking around, mostly spider like creatures with a couple larger centipedes mixed in. Checking their positions and routes he took an opportunity and charged in

The master assassins watched in horror as the boy charged into the hunting ground. The spiders weren’t too bad he could definitely handle a couple of them. The centipedes were another story, and that was still if he didn't aggro to many at once! Why was he doing something so dangerous alone? He knows he has allies!

Lords determination had blinded him slightly he wanted to do this himself. He could easily have asked someone stronger to help, but then how would he grow up like Grid? He hid in the shadows of rocks and climbed trees. Dodging mobs and searching for the small flower. He was starting to get desperate, how long could he keep this up?? When a little white glint caught his eye.

A huge grin crossed his face and the blood thudded in his heart. Now wasn't the time to rush it. He watched and waited there were a higher concentration of the centipedes in this area so he waited for a while but a glint shown in his eye as he watched his gap open in their formation. In and out in a flash you'd have to hit replay to catch.

With a grin of victory and the flower clutched in his hand he made his way back out of the hunting ground. It was easier leaving, but how upset would he be if he messed it up now!

Lord made it home safe the whole trek back Kasim and Faker were grinning and quietly discussed their positive opinions of the young man's adventure Faker decided in the morning he'd have to inform Grid of his son's successful quest.

Lord slept with fitful excitement and spent his morning training with extreme vigor and determination. He told himself this one will work! I can feel it.

He almost wanted to skip lunch if he weren't so weak from training. He visited his room to collect the flower and made his way to the room. A shiver went down his spine as he touched the oak doors. This one will work! He entered the room.

Everything was as usual and he approached the bed looking down at Little Princes as always fitful in her nightmares...

There was another story. A silly story...

He couldn't help thinking of it looking down at her form, always so tense seemed in pain. He had to try.

Lord leaned down of the sleeping girl and gently pressed his lips to hers. He closed his eyes and prayed. When he opened them again he realized the girls face had scrunched up tighter than before she was furiously fighting something her jerks more erratic.

He had made it worse! No!! Why would he do that?? it was just a silly story! Guilt wracked his heart as he snuck back out of the room.

An hour and a half later the girl jumped immediately to her feet

"WHAT THE ****!? HE?! HE?!! RAGGHH"

Her roar echoed through the room, the magic expanding the room started fluctuating and flickering the roar took on a deeper baritone tone as her form flickered too, replaced by a dragon screaming at the scy. Flames began to spew splashing at the ceiling burning everything she even turned down and scorched her treasure, some melting others simply burning away. she smashed her tail down destroying the bed, swung her right arm to shatter the bedpost and the left to destroy the nightstand.

Her body froze. inches from the nightstand. Her eyes had found something that wasn't hers. Wasn't there before. A simple glass long necked vase, half filled with water, a single flower poking out. A pure white Orchid, the petals actually emitted light. A gentle soothing light like the moon. Every slightest movement or breeze left small white particles drifting from the center of the petals like snow.

She was a dragon. People were supposed to prostrate themselves before her. Offer her gems and gold and riches beyond belief! What was this? A single flower?

The whole room flickered again and there sat a small girl cross legged her arms folded tightly in front of her chest with a deep pout on her face. Her eyes darted to the flower left untouched in the otherwise destroyed room.