Overgeared Character Fanart Contest

CONTEST CLOSED. Any further entries after this won't be considered.

Create artwork of any character that appears in the first 1,000 chapters of Overgeared. It should just be an artwork of the character and not feature any scene from the novel, since that will be an entry for the Overgeared Scene Fanart Contest. 

Any medium is acceptable, including digital art and 3D models. Selective use of stock art or photo manipulation is okay, but only original work will be accepted. 

All submissions should be a link in the comments below to an image sharing website that is publicly available to be seen (e.g. imgur or deviantart) and should lead to a high-resolution file. It would also be good if the artwork clearly has a title and artist name, so the entries are more easily distinguished. 

I will be selecting the winners based on my own criteria as well as a poll I will hold later on. Please note that I might use the winning artwork for promotional purposes and the winning entries will be placed on a fanart page. I also want to place the competition entries on this page. If your artwork didn't win a prize and you don't want your work on the fanart page, please let me know. 

The deadline is May 6th and results will be announced that week, when the 1,000th chapter is released. 


1st Place - $100 USD

2nd Place - $75 USD

3rd Place - $50 USD

Readers Pick - $25 (The entry with the most votes in the poll, apart from the three winners)

Disclaimer: Entries can't be stolen and have to show some signs of effort. If I feel that an artwork doesn't qualify, I am free to disqualify them from the competition. Any fake/meme entries will be deleted once I notice them.

New Official Cover Art: 

Left to right: Yura (black hair), Euphemina (blond hair), Lauel (silver hair), Jishuka (red hair) and Grid.