Cultivation levels:

Qi Refining stage

Lesser Heaven stage

Heaven stage

Greater Heaven stage

Worldly realm

Profound realm

Soul realm

Void domain

Saint domain

God domain

Spiritual tool levels:

Elementary grade

Medium grade

Premium grade

Spirit Channeling grade

Immortal grade

Sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven:

Spiritual Treasure Sect

Cloudsoaring Sect

Grayvale Sect

Mystic Mist Sect

Blood Sect

Hell Sect

Ghost Sect

Realms in the Domain of the Falling Stars:

Realm of Mystic Heaven

Realm of Endless Ice

Realm of Unbounded Desolation

Realm of a Thousand Devastations

Realm of a Hundred Battles

Realm of Black Marsh

Realm of Earth Sieve

Realm of Dark Underworld

Realm of Flame Heaven

Realm of Split Void


Nie Tian -- MC, grandson of the Nie Clan's clanmaster, a disciple of the Cloudsoaring Sect

Wu Ji -- Nie Tian's master, most powerful figure in the Cloudsoaring Sect

Hua Mu -- A senior member of the Spirit Condor, saves Nie Tian's life when he was a kid.

An Shiyi -- Nie Tian's sworn sister, a disciple of the Spiritual Treasure Sect, daughter of the An Clan's clanmster

Yu Tong -- Core disciple of the Blood Sect, skilled in blood magics

Pei Qiqi -- Hua Mu's sworn friend's first disciple, skilled in spatial magics

Su Lin -- A core disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect. She fought Nie Tian in the Lesser Heaven stage section during the Heaven Gate trial. Nie Tian won and got the first fragmentary star mark.

Dong Baijie -- A Qi warrior from the Realm of a Hundred Battles, the last standing man in the Heaven stage section during the Heaven Gate trial until Nie Tian came along.

Ning Yang -- A core disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect, the winner of the Greater Heaven stage section during the Heaven Gate trial. 

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