Duke Lu Residence (Sheng family)

Sheng Xiaojing (Duke Lu, the father of the male lead)
Sheng Chumu (the eldest son, the male lead)
Sheng Chuling (brother of Chumu)
Sheng Chujun (brother of Chumu)
Consort Han (sister of Chumu, married to Prince Han) 


Duke Chen Residence (Lu family)

Lu Yunji (Duke Chen, the father of Lu Qi)
Lu Qi (son of Lu Yunji)
Lu Hanxing (nephew of Lu Yunji)
Lu Yingying (daughter of Lu Yunji)

Note: The Drama used Duke Cai instead of Duke Chen


Fu Residence 

Fu Rou (female lead, the second sister)
Fu Jun (first sister of Fu Rou, her husband is a court official)
Fu Tao (third bro, ends up in the army and changes his name to Xi Tao)
Fu Yin (fourth sister)


The Four Seas Sect

Fang Ziyan/Yan Zifang (leader of the sect)
Ma Haihu (assistant)
Ma Hainiu (sis of Haihu)


Sun Residence

Sun Tan (father)
Sun Lingshu (the crown princess)
Sun Lingwei (the sister, likes Sheng Chujun)


The Royal Family

Emperor’s harem 
Empress Zhangsun (main wife) 
Concubine Yan (mother of Prince Zhou) 
Concubine Xi (mother of Prince Zhao) 
Concubine Li/Li Baolin (friend of Fu Rou) 
Concubine Zhen 
Concubine Qiao 

The Crown Prince 
Prince Han (Fourth Prince, Chumu’s brother-in-law, has the same biological mom as the Crown Prince)
Prince Zhou (Third Prince, likes Fu Rou)
Prince Qin (a child prince)
Prince Zhao (Concubine Xi’s son)
Princess Xinnan (likes Sheng Chuling)
Grand Prince Liang (the brother of the current emperor)
Imperial Concubine Wang (the wife of the previous emperor)
Grand Emperor (the father of the current emperor)

Other somewhat important characters

Du Ning (Chumu’s friend)
Chen Ji (actor from the Han Mansion)
Xiahan (maid from the Han Mansion)
Wei Song (serves Empress Zhangsun)
Zhenzhu (Princess Xinnan’s maid)
Zhan Xuanzhi (the official that was instructed to advise the Crown Prince)
Qian Wenjing (the tutor close to Prince Zhou)
Shuangxi (Sun Lingshu’s maid)
Xiong Rui (servant from the Han Mansion, Chen Ji trained with him, Xiahan likes him)
Yang Bo (the drama changed his name to Yang Bai, one of the eunuchs close to Fu Rou)
Lian Yan’er (used to be a prostitute, likes Chumu, Ma Haihu likes her)
Fu Shui (looks similar/identical to Chen Ji)
Yu He/Chief Yu (eunuch who serves Consort Yan)
Chief Cao (eunuch who serves the emperor)
Jisun Chenxin (one of the Crown Prince’s men that was serving Prince Zhao)
Xiao Lu (one of the maids in the palace that works under Fu Rou)


NOTE: A lot of the names were changed from the original novel because of China censorship. The author used real names of actual historical figures, but since the story is fictional, they did not all accurately represented history. Hence, the names were changed for the drama. We were only notified after most of the translations were already completed, and were not given a list, so some names remained the same as the novel. However, most of the main characters’ names have already been changed to the Drama version.