Heretic God Attributes

[Heretic God]

Era of Gods. The Creation God of Elements, one of the four Creation Gods born from the primal powers of the Ancestral God. Possessed the most extreme power of the elements within the Primal Chaos Realm. Able to perfectly control, resist, and absorb the seven basic elemental powers: Light, Darkness, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Earth. (Light and Darkness were not known to the other gods).

Later, combining with the powers of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, he created the “Devil God Forbidden Tome” which could go against the laws of nature. Afterwards, because the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was mercilessly exiled by Creation God Mo E, he became disheartened, gave up his Creation God title, and called himself the “Heretic God”. The “Devil God Forbidden Tome” was also renamed the “Heretic God Arts”.

[Heretic God Arts]

The forbidden tome and divine arts created by the Primordial Heretic God. Basic attribute is “berserk”. Can cause profound strength to instantly surge, violating all common sense. Advanced attribute reversal and overturning natural laws. There are a total of seven realms. At each realm, there exists a corresponding Heretic God profound skill. These profound skills do not need to be cultivated and existed directly within the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, forming the seven gates that could be freely opened and closed. Each time a gate is opened, the Heretic God Arts will increase by one realm. However, this is exceptionally taxing on the body and profound veins. Forcefully opening the fifth realm is the limit of a human body.

The First Realm: Heretic Soul. The entry realm. It is simply just the increase of the profound energy. There are no obvious changes and Yun Che can already maintain it as though it was a normal status.

[Falling Moon Sinking Star]

Burst Attack. Heretic God first style. The Heretic God’s basic offensive profound technique. It causes profound energy to explode in a small area. Medium energy consumption but its power level is still rather strong.

The Second Realm: Burning Heart. Profound energy appears as a light red color. Yun Che can now maintain it as though it was a normal status.

[Sealing Cloud Locking Sun]

Extreme Defense. Heretic God second style. It instantly increases defensive profound strength. It activates a special Heretic God Barrier that can instantly appear and be maintained for long periods. It can be used on one’s self or on others. It is currently Yun Che’s strongest defensive profound technique. Relatively large energy consumption.

The Third Realm: Purgatory. Profound energy appears scarlet. While active, it can slightly affect one’s state of mind. Yun Che can already use it perfectly.

[Destroying Sky Decimating Earth]

Merciless Destruction. Heretic God third style. Creates a profound energy explosion over a large area. Regardless whether it is its radius or power, it far exceeds that of Falling Moon Sinking Star. However, its consumption is massive and it takes a rather long time to activate and to recover from.

The Fourth Realm: Rumbling Heaven. Profound energy is a deep scarlet. While using it, one would be easily irritated and their killing intent surges. Currently, Yun Che can only maintain it for fifteen breaths of time. Attempting to maintain it for a longer period would result in terrible consequences.

[Moon Star Restoration]

Instant Counter. Heretic God fourth style. The Heretic God profound skill that first shows a glimpse of seizing control of the natural laws. It can instantly rebound an attack of any strength and form. Although activation requires near zero profound energy, it requires extremely high concentration. Cannot be activated successively over short periods. Regardless of whether or not it is successful, one will suffer divine retribution as a result of tampering with the natural law. Lifespan will be drastically reduced.

Remarks: Strong against someone who is strong, but has no effect against a weak opponent.

The Fifth Realm: Hell Monarch. The limit that a human can possibly achieve. Profound energy becomes blood red. When maintaining this state, it will result in intense negative emotions. Currently, it cannot be used. If forcefully activated, it would result in instant death.

[Other Shore Asura]

Desperate Berserking. Heretic God fifth style. Ignores the limits of one’s profound strength and the laws of profound cultivation, forcefully increasing one’s profound strength by an entire great realm. After which, one would lose all senses and completely exhaust their profound strength. Even if one does not die upon its activation, their profound cultivation would drastically fall after use.

Disclaimer: Please note that things written above may or may not have changed in the story. As of chapter 1062.