Overthrowing Fate Announcement


Thank you all for your patience with Overthrowing Fate.

I have been unable to follow a steady release schedule for Overthrowing Fate due to being sick. I have been sick for a very long time, and it does not seem as if I will be getting any better anytime soon. In this situation, it takes all my energy to keep Blue Phoenix on track.

Overthrowing Fate is close to finishing, and I will finish it this month. When I have finished writing Blue Phoenix book 7, Archaic World, I will be taking a 7 days break from Blue Phoenix, and in these seven days I will focus on Overthrowing Fate and finish it off.

Please bear with the lack of Overthrowing Fate chapters for a little while longer, it will end with a lot of chapters in a short period of time soon.

Kind regards


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  1. My brother once got sick and it lasted for like 2 months. Lots of coughing and mucus and shyt. then I got it and it lasted for like 2 months too. idk wtf that was but it was annoying af.
    Hopefully u didn’t get this too. Hope you feel better soon.

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