5 thoughts on “OG Chapter 60-62” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you the chapters. I am enjoying reading Overgeared the most out of all novels I am reading currently. And I am not at all bothered by Grid’s personality. In fact I find him quite interesting. He might seem quite shameless and selfish, but that can be attributed to circumstances resulting from his past encounters with other people.

    Also, I would like to request you to post all chapters for a day at same time like you have done it now due to following reasons:
    1. Reading all chapters for a day at same time maintains a flow covers a larger section of story a time. Reading one chapter at a time can be bit uneventful and relatively less enjoyable.
    2. We’ll have to keep on refreshing the page to check for next chapter for several hours after first chapter is released, especially when we don’t know if there will be a next chapter or not, as chapters have been ranging for 2 to 6 chapters a day.

    Again, thank you for the effort you are putting in translating this novel.

    1. Just check on the releases every week or so and you will have solved both of your problems:
      1. You will read a lot at a time
      2. You will receive precisely 20 chapters

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