Yuan's Ascension

Yuan's Ascension

34 Reviews
Feng Xian
Wu Yuan, a celebrated Grandmaster in his past life, transmigrates to a world where martial arts reign supreme. Armed with his previous cultivation experience and a fresh start in a fourteen-year-old body, the prime age of physical development, he's ready to redo his martial arts cultivation from scratch and perfect it this time. But this isn't just any world; it's a place where the human genome pushes the boundaries of imagination, and that's a challenge he can't resist. 
Unfortunately, Wu Yuan's initial plans for peaceful cultivation are shattered by the harsh reality of a relentless, ruthless world. Assassination attempts and conspiracies hound him, compelling him to lay low. With unwavering determination, he embarks on a thrilling journey, knowing the only true path to safety for both him and his family lies at the pinnacle of power. And he is resolved to ascend to the peak, no matter what it takes.
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Translated by WhySee
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Raws: 渊天尊

Wiki: Yuan's Ascension

Official blurb:

With a heart ablaze and an imagination that knows no boundaries, our young hero stands undefeated against the wind, daringly navigating the tumultuous waves of a rocky sea. The fiery spirit of youth is inextinguishable!

34 Reviews
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3 months ago
I’m liking this novel, so far. It’s still early days but so far it’s a solid story. The mc is a former grandmaster who, for reasons, as of yet unknown, wakes up in a 14 year old body in a different universe! I like the twist of him having all of the knowledge of a 30 year old and the technical knowledge of a grandmaster martial artist but stuck in a poor clan and having to work in a different cultivation system. He’s not bullied or picked on by life. He’s just a regular poor guy trying to rebuild himself and care for his mom and sister. Insults roll off of him like water off of a ducks back because, duh, he has the mind of a 30 year old lol😏. I’m liking how his mind and focus work. If my opinion change, I’ll update this review but for know I find it entertaining so I recommend it. Happy reading ✌🏾

3 months ago
Honestly very impressed with this novel, caught up to latest chap 52 and as of yet its a personal 10/10. Gone are the typical wuxia/xianxia tropes with bullied MC origin story. Furthermore for once a transmigration story where an older mc (30s in this case ) transmigrates into a younger body and still be an adult. MC is actually wise and smart and knows how to use that knowledge. Knows how to plot and how to cover his tracks, no random dumb shit being done for plot, everything Is calculated. Looks like it can shape up to be a decent novel, doesn't feel like the random popcorn novels

3 months ago
Good story so far for the first 50 chapters. Without using the standard tropes like betrayal by the family, losing all his cultivation and getting it back via a special treasure, or a face slapping fight, it takes a bit of imagination to drive the plot forward and that makes it an interesting read.

However, the development of the side characters is noticebly lacking, their existence is thin, they exists only for the MC, offstage their presence vanishes. There's no sense these characters have their own life away from the MC. Imagine a movie with one actor and no supporting actors, just extras.

Should also mention that the translation is very good.

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