The Great Ruler - WDQK side story - Ice Spirit Tribe - Chapter 1

I've seen some of the comments with regards to translating the side story at

From what I can tell, it's not done by the same author as WDQK so it's probably not be cannon.

After seeking aid from the great Thyaeria (Translator of TGR & TDG), he has kindly showed me the way to three side story WDQK chapters that were posted as part of TGR (it seems like a random freebie to the readers that he wrote after WDQK)

After TLing it, it doesn't seem to have anything spoilerish,

So... here's chapter 1~

Such foundations were unfathomable even in the eyes of countless experts.

The north-west land of the Ice Spirit Continent.

Ice spikes covered a rather sinister looking towering ice mountain that rose steeply from the ground. The mountain was covered in a layer of thick ice, and seemed to give off an ice-blue glow. Under the rays of the sun, it reflected a cold and lonely light.

A figure in a black robe was currently standing on the icy peak with his hands behind his back. He lifted his head a little, revealing the knife like side of his face. From this angle, he appeared very determined.

He had a pair of black eyes that were deep as the night. An ancient feeling swirled in the depths of these eyes,...

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