Chapter 988 - Demonic Traces

Atop the mountain peak, the smile on Huo Yuan’s face slowly stiffened. An extremely sinister fluctuation seemed to surge in the depths of his eyes. The Li Lei duo beside him also gently clenched the hands hidden within their sleeves. A black aura lingered swirled at their fingertips.

“Hehe, Yimo? What is that?” The smile on Huo Yuan’s face stiffened for a moment before it slowly disappeared. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed in a faint voice.

Lin Dong was also staring at the Huo Yuan trio without blinking. At this moment, a black glow and a lightning glow were surging from the depths of his eyes. However, outsiders could not see even a trace of it.

Since Lin Dong first saw the Huo Yuan trio, he had felt an uneasy sensation in his heart. Initially, he thought that it was because the three of them were disciples of the Yuan Gate. However, that feeling had instantly swelled substantially after meeting them again.

This time around, Lin Dong had also detected that the feeling did not originate...

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