Chapter 987 - Ruthless

A deathly silence enveloped the Sky Lightning Island. The din that was originally present had suddenly disappeared. Many pairs of eyes were somewhat downfallen as they stared at the two corpses falling from the sky, that were slowly turning colder. Before this took place, none of them had expected this outcome. After all, the two of them were genuine Profound Death stage experts…

Two strikes.

Lin Dong did not use any probing attacks when he fought. Instead, he directly used two signature killing moves. Evidently, the results were quite terrifying.

From the time that Lin Dong first arrived at the Sky Lightning Island, the fight between him and the grey haired old man duo only lasted for slightly more than ten minutes. However, the victor was already decided in that time.

The Lightning Emperor Scepter and the “Divine Lightning Exterminating Demon Eye”, which was an upgraded version of the Desolated Demon Eye…...

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