Chapter 984 - Wait

Sky Lightning Island.

Although the treasure hunt within the lightning cave dwelling dwelling had ended, the Sky Lightning Island region was still quite lively. Several experts had gathered in this location, and none of them showed any signs of leaving after two whole months.

There was only one reason why they were gathered at this location. All of them were waiting for one person, the one who had obtained the most treasures in the lightning cave dwelling. That person was obviously Lin Dong.

Even though Mo Luo, an elite expert renowned across the Chaotic Demon Sea, also entered that realm, no one here dared to trouble him. Hence, if they wanted to find out what treasures were hidden within the Thunder World, they would have to pry it out from Lin Dong’s mouth.

This Sky Lightning Island was a path that one must cross to exit the Sky Lightning Sea Region. Hence, they were guarding this location. Once Lin Dong comes out, it would be nearly impossible for him to escape from their grasp.

Moreover, on the Sky Lightning Island now,...

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