Chapter 983 - Significant Improvement in Strength

In a world cackling with thunderbolts, Lin Dong sat in mid-air. The aura emitted from within his body was growing day by day. The rate in which he was improving was truly amazing.

His aura continued to strengthen for five whole days. Only then, did the majestic Yuan Power and Mental Energy lingering over him gradually display signs of weakening.

Seated in mid-air, after the final trace of Yuan Power and Mental Energy entered Lin Dong’s body, his eyes, which had been tightly shut for several days, abruptly opened. A brilliant glow flashed across his pitch-black pupils, before they quickly scattered into nothingness.


Using his hands to push against the empty space, Lin Dong slowly stood up. After he stood up, there was actually a clear cracking sound being emitted from within his body. An extremely ferocious fluctuation accompanied those clear cracking sound. It was as if an ancient and ferocious beast was finally awakening from its slumber.


Lin Dong detected the surging strength within his body before he involuntarily inhaled a deep breath. The corner of his mouth was...

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